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POSETPartially Ordered Set (mathematics)
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Given these challenges, the proposed security framework aims at reducing bilinear pairings using POSET based group access policy.
An essential cycle can correspond to several elements of the poset [P.sub.[alpha]].
In a standard way, every poset can be considered as a category, and monotone mappings between posets can be considered as functors.
The former class is associated to finite posets, while the latter corresponds to dedekind complete finite posets.
i) Let [A.sup.L] = ([A.sup.L], [less than or equal to], [[right arrow].sup.L],[[??].sup.L], 1) be a structure such that ([A.sup.L], [less than or equal to]) is a poset and the following properties hold:
By this observation, we see that every countable poset must have countably directed joins and thus a poset having countably directed joins need not be a dcpo.
An event-streaming is a poset ([ES.sub.[THETA]], [right arrow]) where [ES.sub.[THETA]] is a finite set of subsets of events [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] arranged according to the causal relation [right arrow]; [TEHTA] is the set of the identifiers of the processes that generated the events; and each [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is a subset of events generated by the processes whose identifiers form the set [R.sub.q].
We recall now the concept of involution poset. An involution poset (IP) is a poset (X, [less than or equal to], c) with a unary operation c: x [member of] X [right arrow] [x.sup.c] [member of] X, such that
The expansion of throughput capacity at Poset port to 9mtpy and construction of a new terminal at Vanino port (25mtpy throughput) should limit the bottlenecks which normally occur at other Russian ports, especially in winter.
Definition 2.2.[5] A poset (L, [less than or equal to]) is a lattice ordered if and only if for every pair x,y of elements of L both the sup{x,y} and the inf{x, y} exist.
In [6], Venkateswara Rao.K and Srinivasa Rao.K defined a partial ordering on a Pre [A.sup.*]-algebra A and the properties of A as a poset are studied.
Based on the partial-edge order, we can construct a Hasse diagram, which is a directed graph that represents a partially ordered set (poset).