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POSETPartially Ordered Set (mathematics)
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We say that A is a sup-[OMEGA]-algebra if the poset (A[less than or equal to]) is a complete lattice and
Expansion of throughput capacity at Poset to 9mtpy and construction of a new terminal at Vanino port (25mtpy throughput) should limit the bottlenecks normally seen at other Russian ports, especially in winter.
Let us recall that if P is a poset, an initial segment of P is a subset I such that x [member of] P, y [member of] I and x [less than or equal to] y imply x [member of] I.
1) the poset (S, [less than or equal to]) is a complete lattice;
Note that [sigma] is an order preserving poset morphism: that is, if a [[less than or equal to].
For more details on Pos-categories, Pos-functors, and Pos-equivalences, the reader is referred to [9], but we remark that a full and faithful Pos-functor must provide a poset isomorphism instead of a bijection between the corresponding morphism posets.
5] A poset (L, [less than or equal to]) is a lattice ordered if and only if for every pair x,y of elements of L both the sup{x,y} and the inf{x, y} exist.
Applications of a poset representation to edge connectivity and graph rigidity.
Other topics include Frattini-type and fitting-type subgroups, minimal elements in the poset of tilting modules, skew Armendariz rings, and a Galois correspondence theorem for Hopf algebra actions.
A set of pairwise incomparable elements of the root poset is called an antichain.
A poset (A, [less than or equal to]) together with a mapping A x S [right arrow] A, (a, s) [?