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POSETPartially Ordered Set (mathematics)
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Given these challenges, the proposed security framework aims at reducing bilinear pairings using POSET based group access policy.
An essential cycle can correspond to several elements of the poset [P.
In a standard way, every poset can be considered as a category, and monotone mappings between posets can be considered as functors.
As a poset, it decomposes into levels, the levels of a poset P being defined inductively by the formula [P.
Base types are assumed to be organized as a poset H = <[T.
We denote by lfp(f)and gfp(f), respectively, the least and greatest fixpoint, when they exist, of an operator f on a poset.
In section 1, a poset is associated with every quadrangulation in a regular polygon.
The double power locale monad has a strength and the category of locales is enriched over posets and has categorical tensors that are stable under finite product.
When G is DI, the poset defined by Join(G) turns out to be what in order theory is known under the name of dedekind complete.
1) the poset (S, [less than or equal to]) is a complete lattice;
Topics include lattice points, polyhedra, and complexity; root systems and generalized associahedra; combinatorial differential topology and geometry; equivariant invariants and linear geometry; hyperplane arrangements; Poset topology; and convex polytopes.
The poset is of finite height if it contains no infinite, strictly increasing chain.