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POSHOPost Occupational Safety and Health Officer
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Donning Snoop Dogg furs, a diamantestudded gold mouth grill, bling chains, with leopard print-trimmed trilby and brandishing a rapper cane, Grimmers mimes, bumps and grinds with his freshest showbiz homies, including the 1D lads, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32, Conor Maynard and, um, Doctor Who posho Matt Smith.
His biggest rival in the irredeemable idiot stakes is Sloane Ranger Sophie, a braying posho whose reason for why she shouldn't have to work is the fact Winston Churchill once tapped his cigar ash into her great grandfather's port at Sandhurst or something.
10 The Vicar of Dibley's dimwitted posho Hugo Horton is played by James Fleet.
And there's also no comic better able to help him than posho Jack Whitehall.
And in this case the task facing Steady Stella and Cautious Chris (Droning Posho wasn't alliterative enough, sorry) was to come up with a new type of alcoholic drink.
The posho nerd extraordinaire (and my guilty crush) is back on the tellybox in Louis Theroux's LA Stories: City Of Dogs (Sunday, BBC2, 9pm).
Take the posho, stick him a comprehensive school with kids unwilling to engage, make him put together a choir.
I lasted about 10 minutes into the first episode in which one posho who didn't washo and had a laugh like an aristocratic donkey got kicked out before a big angry Y-shaped vein started appearing on my forehead.
Yes, we were banjaxed by the idea of a tea latte as well, but when you think about it, Chai Tea Lattes are big sellers at posho coffee shops so it was always going to happen.
For those not that bothered about a sappy posho marrying a balding posho, a light at the end of the tunnel.
It's one of those preachy gardening shows where some middle-class, Patchouli-reeking posho gets all Tom and Barbara and makes me feel slightly ashamed for the frozen Aldi lasagne I'm shovelling down my neck so fast it barely has time to touch the sides.
Lucky (Rory Kinnear) may look like a porn star, but he's a prim, infuriatingly calm posho, addicted to gambling, who ignores his wife and kids.