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POSHOPost Occupational Safety and Health Officer
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If you have any questions or concerns about electrical safety when posted overseas, contact the POSHO or facilities management office.
If you want a scapegoat for your cruddy life, pick on a posho. Eat the rich!
They also ran a little cottage industry which included a posho (maize) mill, a tailoring outfit where trainees were busy making mosquito nets, and a general retail shop.
3 4 Making, repair + selling shoes 3 4 Selling cooked foodstuffs 2 3 Constructing houses + other structures 2 3 Farming 2 3 Pottery making 2 3 Posho milling 1 1 Selling + repairing electrical appliances 1 1 Repair of bicycles + selling spare parts 1 1 Selling meat 1 1 Tailoring 1 1 Selling common salt 1 1 Selling household goods 1 1 Repair of motor vehicles 1 1 Selling books and stationery 1 1 Total 78 100 Source: Field data.
A fight on a bus between me and a boy who called me "posho".
Upkeep included a daily food ration, posho, or cash if food was locally available for purchase.
POSHO MILLS"Two fire-fighting machines and water bowser that helped to refill the machines were used to contain the fire from spreading to other shops following the unfortunate incident," said Mr Stanley Mutai, the Bomet disaster management officer.Mr Mutai said that two posho mills were among the property destroyed before firefighters arrived.
Other leaders present at the event were the governor's economic advisor Paul Posho, county ombudsman Edward Indimuli, roads chief officer Joseph Sweta.
Where is now the posho restaurant Moonfish used to be what I think may have been Aberdeen's first supermarket, albeit tiny, circa early 60s, such a variety of stuff did it sell.
Three fat snags sitting on top of the chips, with a jug of pouring cheese and grated Comte for sprinkling, it was a posho version of cheese and chips with extra banger for the buck.
It'll depend what your prejudices are from the start as Professor Green, himself a WCWM who ended up briefly married to a posho, explores their world.
And not just because the posho calls his elderly mother "mumsy" and gives way too much detail about what they were up to the night Lula died.