POSIPPoint Of Sale over Internet Protocol
POSIPPacket-Over-SONET Interface Processor
POSIPProblem Oriented Screening Instrument for Parents (behavioral health)
POSIPPortable Shipboard Instrumentation Package
POSIPPorsche Side Impact Protection
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Over and above door reinforcements, the POSIP system is made up of a thorax airbag on the outside of each seat backrest and a head airbag in each door.
Specifically, AboveNet has signed an agreement with Sprint to install five additional POSIP OC3 circuits, which will add 775 Mbps of interconnections with the worldwide data network.
The direct link was installed between AboveNet's Wash DC (MAE-East) co-location facility and AOL's Network Operations Center, located in Northern VA, and will be increased to POSIP OC3 within the next two months.