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POSIXPortable Operating System Interface for Unix (application programming interface)
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface for Unix
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FraCC relies on POSIX mechanisms to prevent data corruption in the data collections (mainly hash maps).
Both institutions took the/usr/group standard as a basis for what would be called IEEE P1003 Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments ("POSIX").
x86) and full scientific support Robust, familiar operating IEEE POSIX implemented by UNIX system environment and Linux communities on different applications platforms providing a high degree of maturity and compatibility.
INTEGRITY Server can run multiple independent instances of Windows and Linux in addition to applications written to INTEGRITY and POSIX interfaces.
The robust partitioning architecture of the INTEGRITY RTOS, which is royalty-free and POSIX certified, guarantees that critical tasks have the resources they need to run correctly.
* Application-specific or custom metadata: e.g., email subject, to, from, POSIX parameters
The idea was standardized when the POSIX 1003.2 regular expression notation was built into Unix in 1988.
He can then use the VoIP wireless phone as a fully Portable Operating System interface for a UNIX (POSIX)--compliant network device with storage space, bandwidth, and a CPU.
So installation of the whole system on a POSIX compliant system with an installed Perl environment takes less than 10 minutes.
Both follow POSIX standards (Portable Operating System Interface for Unix).
Unlike the POSIX read, IOL_read may always return less data than requested.
Linux aims toward POSIX compliance (a set of standards that show what a Unix should be).