POSLParti Ouvrier Socialiste Luxembourgeois (French: Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party; political party)
POSLPulsed Optically Stimulated Luminescence (radiation)
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Posl said the renovation and decoration--a "fresh, modern farmhouse look," intended as a nod to the Sbragia family's farming history --was completed entirely by winery staff.
Posl said one of the main motivators for opening this second, centrally located tasting room was to increase the winery's direct-to-consumer (DtC) sales.
Since the opening of the Sonoma Plaza tasting room three months ago, Posl said, she's already seen an increase in DtC numbers.
Posl said DtC best-sellers are slightly different than what's popular at wholesale.
Paper [17] propose to use the analogue resonant controller for the voltage control of a zero-voltage switching quasi-resonant POSL. The sliding mode control of POSL is proposed and investigated in [18].
This paper provides a detailed analysis of the static and dynamic regimes of the POSL converter combining with the switching-inductor cell.
Elementary Circuit Of Posl Circuit and Modified Posl circuit:
The modified POSL circuit, switch ON and switch OFF of the converter is shown in Fig.
Furthermore, d-POSL maintains all the critical components of POSL, extending the language with elements that are essential in defeasible logics:
[25] Boley H.: POSL: An Integrated Positional-Slotted Language for Semantic Web Knowledge.
The Company is also pleased to announce that Plexus, POSL and TFMC have entered into a Collaboration Agreement which establishes a framework for the development of existing POS-GRIP IP for applications outside of the jack-up exploration wellhead application.
masonry, mechanical, vkl.sortirane the stone for posl.izpolzvane - 77 m3; Sloped excavation for foundations in opening t.z.p c excavator Dump - 546 m3; Construction of excavation for foundations under the river level in TZP, a Dump - 380 m3; Construction of excavation for foundations under the river level sr.sk.pochvi with hammer on Dump - 103 m3; Motor abstraction of water from the foundations up to 400 KB - 28 MCM; Making and breaking formwork for foundations - 93.5 m2; Making and breaking formwork makes surfaces body wall - 374.6 m2; Construction of Expansion joint extruded polystyrene 2 cm - 43.7