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POSSPolyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes
POSSPoint of Sale Software (various organizations)
POSSPalomar Observatory Sky Survey
POSSPoint of Sale Subsystem
POSSPlant Operator Selection System
POSSProject of State Significance (Tasmania, Australia)
POSSPoint of Slope Selection
POSSPrecipitation Occurrence Sensor System
POSSPuckett Observatory Supernova Search
POSSPassive Optical Satellite Surveillance
POSSPalm Operating System Simulator
POSSPrototype Optical Surveillance System
POSSParallel Pair of Open-and Shorting-Stubs (microwave theory)
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The in situ copolymerization of POSS to produce hybrid organic-inorganic polymers with pendant POSS groups has been widely studied for both thermoplastics and thermosets, see, for example, Refs.
Figure 1A and B presents the chemical structures of nylon 6 and POSS, respectively.
The structures of the two POSS were illustrated in Scheme 1.
The POSSs used to modify OMMT were commercial products, for example, aminopropylisooctyl POSS (APO-POSS), aminoethylaminopropyllsobutyl POSS (AEP-POSS), and amino-propyllsobutyl POSS (APB-POSS), purchased from Hybrid Plastic.
In this study, for the first time in the literature, it was aimed to investigate the mechanical, thermal and morphological properties of reactive and nonreactive POSS reinforced and PEG plasticized PLA by aiming to balance the toughness and the stiffness of the plasticized PLA.
I don't think CTGF is the complete answer, but it's a great thing to have in hand to inform new ways to think about the real challenge of trying to improve regeneration," Poss said.
The Board will also undertake an assessment of the projects suitability to proceed as a POSS having regard to the eligibility criteria under the Act as well as any other incidental matters.
He said the POSS would also prove highly beneficial for the local business community as it will enable them to get registered with SECP, FBR and EOBI at one location.
The poss stick was varied, copper end or wood, But whatever the end was, you did the best you could.
Currently, synthesis of the precursor silicate octa-anion has been done in bulk for the production of POSS macromolecules in high yields.
Hybrid Plastics will expand its manufacturing capacity and workforce to meet increased demand of its line of POSS molecules.