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Arriving at the sentinel's post, Captain Preston drew up his men in a semicircle, with their faces to the crowd and their rear to the Custom House.
Henry, already mentioned, he established a post on the banks of the Yellowstone River in
The post, though fast asleep, roused up at the first steps of the three visitors amongst the briars and grass that invaded the porch.
At length it was found necessary to establish fortified posts at the confluence of the rivers and the lakes for the protection of the trade, and the restraint of these profligates of the wilderness.
They had arrived at Senegal on Saturday, the 24th of May, and on the 27th of the same month they reached the post of Medina, situated a little farther to the north, but on the river.
Kindly return to your posts, gentlemen, all of you, all
Of course, a gentleman who finds a letter on the pavement feels bound to post it, and I presumed that he would naturally go to the nearest office.
Not exactly alone," replied Tarzan with a grim smile; "but I shall empty it, and, by the way, your men may come in through the tunnel from the listening post if you prefer.
To be Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the greatest power which the world had as yet known must certainly seem, on paper, to be as brilliant a post as a man's ambition could covet.
I answered, of course, that I would do so--and I did post the letter with my own hand.
I'll be haunting the post office Wednesday," vowed Diana.
As we approached, I saw a herd of cavalry horses grazing under guard outside the walls of the post.