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POSTCARDPolice Officers Striving to Create and Reinforce Dreams (Volunteers of America in conjunction with the YMCA)
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His collection of more than 150 postcards from 1904 to the 1940s really do open a window on the bygone world, with more than 50 of them depicting Dumfries and Galloway.
In an age before everyone had telephones, and long before social media would provide a means of instant communication, postcards were often the easiest way to keep in touch.
The so-called "court cards" remained in use for several years and being a good inch shorter than those used abroad, they did much to hold back the development of the home postcard manufacturing industry.
A NEW online gallery of postcards has been launched, ranging from messages sent from the First World War to traditional saucy seaside images.
ENDING postcards is a British summer tradition that is as old as enjoying fish and chips on the beach.
1840 The first postcard was a hand-painted caricature of postal workers.
Robert Stones of Nantwich, Cheshire auctioneers Peter Wilson said: "When thumbing through a postcard album stuffed with those seaside gems, don't overlook the less obvious topographical scenes.
People are also tak-king more holidays, so perhaps they don't bother to send a postcard every time they go away.
Scenario #3: Prospect throws postcard out without reading it
com)-- Doozy Cards, the online greeting cards company known for offering unique animated eCards for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions, has announced a new line of Postcards available to "post" or share on social media platforms for free.
He even brought out a book called Ronnie Barker's Book of Boudoir Beauties and his postcard collection was sold following his death to an anonymous buyer for PS60,000 at auction in 2007.