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POSTCARDPolice Officers Striving to Create and Reinforce Dreams (Volunteers of America in conjunction with the YMCA)
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People bought them to keep as souvenirs as well as to send to friends, and postcards enjoyed their first golden era as collectables.
Social media allows loved ones to communicate wherever they are, whenever they want, and Doozy Cards wants to bring the social media experience to a new and loving level with our Doozy Cards Postcards line," said Doozy Cards President Chandler Chandler.
Humour has always been a feature of the postcard world but it's the unintended humour that raises a smile here rather than the dated endof-pier sauce.
Soldiers often sent postcards featuring an inspirational or touching message during the First World War, but the British seaside postcard first made an appearance in 1894.
The postcard, by artist Brian Fitzpatrick, was first published in 1976.
It is not known if anyone in the family was involved in the Great Western Railway Disaster on October 3, 1904, which claimed five lives and injured 94, or why the disaster was put on a postcard.
What we think of as classic indie – jangling guitars, the Sixties retro look – all came from Postcard.
Imagine my surprise when I was advised by staff that no Christmas cards had been printed and no postcards were available yet.
Reviewed by Brian Lund, editor, Picture Postcard Monthly
Postcard enthusiasts became just as extreme in their pronouncements.
Tariq Farekh, CEO of Korooti, came up with the idea as a way to globally market Dubai, and is now the only distributor of free postcards in the UAE.
The postcard was sent July 4, 1943, from Rockford, Illinoix, to sisters Pauline and Theresa Leisenring in Elmira.