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POSTIPolicies for Sustainable Technological Innovation
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The collection of Onuphionella, deposited in the Institute of Geology at Tallinn Technical University, consists largely of samples gathered mainly in the 1970s by Erika Posti while describing drill cores.
o che siano stati tutti li pakhi del luogo aperti dalla parte da driedo, et traversati con cantinelle in modo, che ciascuno che passera possi veder per dentro di essi paichi; et cosi debanno star aperti per tutto detto carneval, et li cesendeli siano posti per tutti li Andedi inanzi il recitar delle comedic, et tenuti accesi fino al fine di esse, et fin, che tutti siano partiti dal luogo dove si recitano.
He succeeds Alfred Posti, who is retiring effective December 31, 2004.
Posti, Finland s postal service authority and also a logistics solutions provider, is considered among the most innovative and efficient service deliverers in the region.
QUETTA, February 05, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Chagai Levis and police on Saturday recovered two youth from Posti area of Chaghai.
Together with professor Lauri Posti he prepared for print a book of Votic field-notes by E.
com, or Josephine Posti, T: +1-724-743-3103, M: +1-412-667-1479, josephine.
O rigurda come sono fatti i principi tuoi, coloro che sono posti al governo degli altri .
Faunal remains include the organic-walled tube Sabellidites cambriensis and simple horizontal (Planolites) and vertical burrows (Mens & Posti 1984), including the vertical spiral trace fossil Gyrolithes isp.
Zosti, now renamed Posti, is a private company with state-controlled shares, and interested in foreign investment.
Implementing agency : CtyrlE[degrees]stek centrum pro osoby se zdravotnE[degrees]m posti enE[degrees]m Ostrava, prE[degrees]spevkovEi organizace