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POSTSProgram on Science, Technology and Society (various universities)
POSTSPosterior Occipital Sharp Transients of Sleep (brain waves as seen on EEG)
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One night he slid down from the post and slipped in between the elephants and threw up the loose end of a rope, which had dropped, to a driver who was trying to get a purchase on the leg of a kicking young calf (calves always give more trouble than full-grown animals).
The very superintendents at the lower posts will not put him to mess with the common men, the hirelings of the establishment, but treat him as something superior.
The post, though fast asleep, roused up at the first steps of the three visitors amongst the briars and grass that invaded the porch.
These were distributed at various trading posts, established far and wide on the interior lakes and rivers, at immense distances from each other, and in the heart of trackless countries and savage tribes.
Kindly return to your posts," said the staff officer trying to preserve his gravity.
Not exactly alone," replied Tarzan with a grim smile; "but I shall empty it, and, by the way, your men may come in through the tunnel from the listening post if you prefer.
The old street sweeper at my elbow told me that these were the gifts brought in from the far outlying districts by the commanding officers of the frontier posts.
she said, letting fall the hand with which she had grasped the door post.
It was Tommy Drake and Fanny Marsh that furnished the sugar - nice children, the nicest at the post, I think.
He obtained a post at Court somewhat similar to that of Master of Ceremonies in our own Court.
MY DEAREST MAKAR ALEXIEVITCH--Thedora tells me that, should I wish, there are some people who will be glad to help me by obtaining me an excellent post as governess in a certain house.
The sentinel was still on his post in front of the Custom House, pacing to and fro; while, as he turned, a gleam of light from some neighboring window glittered on the barrel of his musket.