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POTPlan de Ordenamiento Territorial (Spanish: Zoning Plan; various nations)
POTPatients Out of Time
POTPlane of Tranquility (Everquest game)
POTPublic Off Topic
POTPoint on Tangent
POTPositional Orthostatic Tachycardia (syndrome)
POTPickle Onion Tomato
POTPlan of Test
POTPre-Overhaul Test
POTPlenty of Torrents (website)
POTPenalty Overtime
POTPort of Transshipment (shipping)
POTPortable Operators Terminal
POTPurchase Order Text (government procurement)
POTPhysician Optimized Treatment :-)
POTPharmaceutical Optimized Treatment :-)
POTPennsylvania-Ontario Transportation Company
POTPercent Off Tariff
POTPower-On Test
POTPurchase Order Tracking
POTPages of Testimony
POTPost-Operative Treatment
POTPlan of Treatment
POTMicrosoft PowerPoint Template (file extension)
POTPerformance Oriented Training
POTPotion (gaming)
POTProof of Technology
POTPremium Overtime
POTPeak of Tension (polygraph testing)
POTPrinciples of Technology
POTPosition of Trust (Australia)
POTPoint of Transaction
POTPoint of Tangency
PoTPower Over Time (gaming)
POTPolska Organizacja Turystyczna (Polish: Polish Tourist Organization)
POTPart of Term (education)
POTPrince of Tennis (anime)
POTPort of Toledo
POTPort of Tauranga (New Zealand)
POTPlain Old Telephone (service)
POTPlenty of Time
POTPoint Of Termination
POTPolskiej Organizacji Turystycznej (Polish: Polish Tourist Organization)
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The brown pot could never be of use to him any more, but he stuck the bits together and propped the ruin in its old place for a memorial.
They are very like me," said Mowgli, blowing into the pot as he had seen the woman do.
She went straight to the church, slunk to the little pot of fat, began to lick it, and licked the top off.
There were jam pots and paper bags, and mountains of chopped grass from the mowing machine
Hunt was not accustomed to the management of "voyageurs," and he had a crew admirably disposed to play the old soldier, and balk their work; and ever ready to come to a halt, land, make a fire, put on the great pot, and smoke, and gossip, and sing by the hour.
The good mouse consented, but the cat crept behind the town walls to the church, and devoured half the pot of fat.
Many cooking pots were now in evidence about the village.
The messenger was a chatty soul and loved a bit of gossip dearly; besides, the pot of ale warmed his heart; so that, settling himself in an easy corner of the inn bench, while the host leaned upon the doorway and the hostess stood with her hands beneath her apron, he unfolded his budget of news with great comfort.
Trent bent over the pot which the two men had set upon the ground.
A common thief would have taken the pot under his arm, and carried it off.
Kearns had dealt, and French Louis had opened the pot with one marker--in his case one hundred dollars.
Henry was bending over and adding ice to the babbling pot of beans when he was startled by the sound of a blow, an exclamation from Bill, and a sharp snarling cry of pain from among the dogs.