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Potato farming is a profitable field for farmers, and therefore they prefer to grow potato in greenhouses and then to sell it profitably to Russia and large cities of Azerbaijan," says Bakikhan Bagirov, deputy head of the Tovuz region Agriculture Department.
His father, Hong Sung-il, first explored it in 1970-80s as an agrobusiness to diversify income after wrapping up his two decades in the potato starch business.
The delegation also urged them to invest in the potato cultivation in their potato-friendly valleys.
Mohammed Essa, General Manager UK and Ireland, Aviko, explains: "The growing appeal of sweet potato demonstrates it is an opportune time for chefs to introduce a variety of sweet potato options on menus.
Freshly harvested potato tubers contain about 79% moisture contents and 21% dry matter.
In a meeting it asked for establishing a National Potato Institute to enhance per acre crop output for sustainable agriculture development in the country.
Mashed, smashed, baked, roasted, chipped or served in the form of a french fry, the potato can be eaten in several different ways.
It comes in different forms and flavors, and all of us snack lovers in the Philippines are blessed we now have access to a wide variety of potato chips.
With that in mind, a group of scientists set out in 2011 to identify potato varieties that form less acrylamide, and recently published their research in Crop Science.
People enjoy eating potatoes," says Sarah Reece, global retail marketing manager for the US Potato Board (USPB), based in Denver.
Over the latest 52 weeks ending June 27, 2015, there were some bright spots in the potato category, including increases in sales of specialty potatoes like medley packs, purple and yellow varieties, and growth in both more-than-10-pound and 8-pound package sizes," notes Sarah Reece of the Denver-based United States Potato Board (USPB).
So it's best to choose the right potato for the style of dish you are making.