POTMPost of the Month
POTMProgrammer Of The Month
POTMPower of the Mind
POTMPride of the Mountains (Western Carolina University marching band; Cullowhee, NC)
POTMPlaymate of the Month (Playboy)
POTMPhase Of The Moon
POTMPicture of the Moment
POTMPlayer of the Match
POTMPet of the Month (Webkinz)
POTMPulse of the Maggots (Slipknot song)
POTMPeople on the Move
POTMPut On The Market
POTMPicture of the Month
POTMPriestess of the Moon (video game character)
POTMProject of the Month
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Ghana's Tony Yeboah was the first African player to join the Premier League POTM list, as he won the award in the 1994-1995 season with Leeds United.
Salah is also the third African player to receive the league's POTM more than once, after Yeboah, who won it in March and September 1995, and Odemwingie who received in September 2010, April 2011, and February 2012.
53) El papel que puede incorporarse de los procesos de EAE podria servir para posicionar a los aspectos de racionalizacion del consumo de bienes y servicios ambientales en las agendas de formulacion y conccrtacion de los POTM y de los planes de desarrollo municipal, los que mejorarian la busqueda de alternativas y permitirian una participacion de la comunidad en todos los procesos que verdaderamente contribuyan a la planeacion para el desarrollo urbano sostenible.
61) La norma determina el proceso de concertacion despues de la revision del POTM, pero no expresa prohibicion alguna para que una CAR pueda participar desde la formulacion de las politicas y la vision.
The phase behavior, crystallization, melting, and mechanical properties of PHB-RPLA blends were investigated using mt-DSC, mf-TM, SAXS, and POTM.
Different crystal morphologies obtained by POTM confirmed the miscibility of PHB and RPLA.
Cortus's stirring introduction to "In a Museum" lured several POTM lurkers out of the woodwork and discussions of the poem continued on the TTHA POTM listserve well past the thirty days designated for this particular seminar.
The first transition is probably caused by an overlap of the glass and melting transitions of the POTM segments (37), while the second may correspond to the glass transition of the PBT segments.
Among the POTM respondents Philip Allingham comments that
Messages and replies for the year 2001 posted on the POTM have featured the following poems: "She At His Funeral," "Her Confession," "Tess's Lament," "The Pine Planters," "The Pink Frock," "The Beauty," "I Rose and Went to Rou'tor Town," "An Upbraiding," "The Chapel-Organist," "A Sunday Morning Tragedy," "The Tramp-Woman 's Tragedy," "The Last Signal," "Rome at the Pyramid of Cestius Near the Graves of Shelley and Keats," and "Shelley's Skylark.
Relying, for much of its book content, on the "Forum" and POTM debates, the annual Hardy Review, now into its fourth volume, includes selected threads from both discussion groups which are carefully edited so as to read fluently and conversationally.