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POTOPhantom of the Opera
POTOPointing Out The Obvious
POTOPedagogy of the Oppressed (Paulo Freire book)
POTOPrevention of Terrorism Ordinance
POTOPlans, Operations and Training Officer (State Army National Guard)
POTOProcurer of the Obscure (Long Beach, CA; est. 1991)
POTOPlain Old Typescript Object (programming)
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Foraging strategies and food partitioning in the Neotropical frugivorous mammals Caluromys philander and Potos flavus.
D'autres clients preferent les grandes [beaucoup moins que]pieces[beaucoup plus grand que] comme le bambou, le ficus, l'araucaria ou le potos a raison de 3000 dinars la plante.
The study is part of the Up Amigos project, which is a collaboration between scientists at the U of I and the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potos in Mexico.