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POTTPhilosophy of Time Travel (book from the movie Donnie Darko)
POTTParty of the Truth (Fiji)
POTTPermissive Overreaching Transfer Trip
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'But I trust, sir,' said Pott, 'that I have never abused the enormous power I wield.
'The contest,' said Pott, 'shall be prolonged so long as I have health and strength, and that portion of talent with which I am gifted.
Pickwick; and he grasped the hand of the magnanimous Pott.
Pott, almost breathless with the vehemence of his patriotic declaration.
Pott, 'which I think may be very successfully adopted.
Pott's domestic circle was limited to himself and his wife.
Pott; and the ceremony of introduction was complete.
'I beg you won't mention it, sir,' replied the feminine Pott, with vivacity.
Pott emphatically; 'I am wearied out of my life with your politics, and quarrels with the INDEPENDENT, and nonsense.
One day Scanlan, who was McMurdo's fellow boarder, received a note from McGinty inclosing one from Evans Pott, which informed him that he was sending over two good men, Lawler and Andrews, who had instructions to act in the neighbourhood; though it was best for the cause that no particulars as to their objects should be given.
Potts scoffed at him for being frightened by the trampling of a herd of buffaloes.
Nearly all the plants experimentised on by Gartner were potted, and apparently were kept in a chamber in his house.