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POTUSPresident Of The United States
POTUSPeople of the United States
POTUSPresidents of the United States (band)
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The IPM probably told the POTUS that the decision has been deferred to 2022, when India will celebrate 75 years of Independence.
On the long-awaited departure day, we arrived at the storied Andrews Air Force Base, 30 minutes outside of Washington DC, which is the government airport where POTUS boards Air Force One, the presidential jet.
Preparations for the executive level visit began when a logistics Line of Communication (LOC) system was established to ensure the supply and delivery of immediate or emergent material support for JTF POTUS platforms USS Essex (LHD 2) and USS Stethem (DDG 63) when, and as often, as needed.
Things are going to get interesting for TV's new POTUS on the block with the recent revelations about aide Vince Taylor (Anthony Azizi).
drives the need to pen protesters far from the POTUS in "demonstration zones.
MICHAEL WALDMAN, former chief White House speechwriter, is author of POTUS Speaks: Finding the Words That Defined the Clinton Presidency
POTUS [President of the United States] went on to demonstrate that he could palm the ball and toss it from hand to hand, admirable skills that have nothing to do with soccer.
For those critical undecided voters, who have not been convinced by any of the candidates rhetoric, the POTUS Selection Criteria and evaluation against past proven Top Performer Presidents should help them to make a sound 'evidenced based' decision in the same way that Boards and CEOs pick their top executives in the business world," said Peter Donovan, a Managing Partner at Top Gun Ventures.
Ivanka's tweet came a day after President Donald Trump acknowledged the "Black History Month," on Wednesday, in keeping with the tradition of the sitting POTUS announcing the start of annual observance each year.
For his longest overseas journey to date, POTUS (Secret Service codename for President of the United States) embarks on a 12-day trip on Nov.
He's currently seeking the vice presidency as the running mate of Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, who running for POTUS on the Libertarian ticket.
Donald Trump not denouncing false statement about POTUS and hateful rhetoric about Muslims is disturbing, and just plain wrong, Clinton tweeted.