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POTUSPresident Of The United States
POTUSPeople of the United States
POTUSPresidents of the United States (band)
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I salute the roasters in the USA who have the guts to take on the POTUS. I avoid calling sarkari babus "Sir".
"How much longer will Christian leaders like [Robert] Jeffress and [Jerry] Falwetl, and the people that they represent, sit by and let POTUS lie to us in this way?" Fea continued.
They also liked Jill Stein more than any other group of respondents (4.8%).Close to 2% of the atheists in our poll voted for the man who would be POTUS, with just over 1% of humanists going with the Donald.
Had Clinton become POTUS, these efforts to force faith communities to embrace liberal secular values in the operation of their community institutions would have been pursued even more energetically.
Clinton tweeted out a response to the Obama announcement, saying, "Honored to have you with me POTUS. "I'm fired up and ready to go." The tweet referred to POTUS, which stands for president of the United States, and also played on one of Obama's famous campaign lines from 2008, when he defeated Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, then won the presidency that November.
The conversation will be driven mostly by my questions, but we've reserved a chunk of time for yours - things you'd ask if it were you instead of me sitting across from POTUS.
If Potus is security services' code for the President of the United States, who is Flotus?
"So we all need to speak out against bias and stereotypes, to protect the freedom of others, and our own as well." The White House opened a hashtag on Twitter (#Ask POTUS) and invited users to submit questions to Obama about his experience at the White House.
Launched in June, the investigation against TanyE-, the Washington correspondent for the HE-rriyet daily, over his book "POTUS and Beyefendi" (POTUS and the Gentleman), which chronicles the ties between Erdoy-an's family and the sale of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government's (KRG) oil.
Donald Trump not denouncing false statement about POTUS and hateful rhetoric about Muslims is disturbing, and just plain wrong, Clinton tweeted.
While Chicago is the birthplace of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the adopted hometown of POTUS no.
His Twitter handle is @ POTUS - President Of The United States - and within hours he had attracted over a million followers.