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POTWPublicly Operated Treatment Work
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illicit drugs, and caffeine in POTW influent and effluent, concern is
representative to ISO, ANSI has created a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprised of manufacturers, distributors, and POTW operators to work out a suitable specification --based on mutually-agreed-upon test methods--for labeling a product "flushable." Once adopted, the ANSI TAG's recommendations will be forwarded to ISO and considered alongside similar proposals from other participating countries.
While the discharge from the site doesn't require any pre-treatment before treatment at the POTW since it is well below the required thresholds, it will have to be discharged in this way until the water meets clean-up requirements, which will likely take decades.
One POTW director is quoted in the article with his observation that this Supreme Court decision "may open the door for municipalities to bill marketers for damage flushable wipes cause to sewer systems." Considering New York City alone estimates that flushable wipes have been responsible for more than $18 million in added costs over five years, the article notes this development could quickly bankrupt the flushable wipes industry in the U.S.
(182) Thus, well over half of the seventy-one percent decrease in industrial waste discharge loads that occurred between 1974 and 1981 (183) was due simply to the diversion of industrial wastes into municipal wastewater systems for treatment by POTW's.
Environmental Conservation (DEC) and both the POTW and the DEC will
For example, to compensate for data gaps relevant to the ability of publicly owned treatment works ("POTW") to remove coke-making pollutants, the EPA made two estimates.
In order to purchase nutrient credits from another permitted facility, the second facility (another POTW for example) must be removing nutrient levels in excess of the requirements mandated in their NPDES permit.
(93) An ethanol plant that discharges its waste stream to a publically owned wastewater treatment plant (POTW) (94) is not required to obtain a surface water discharge permit.
Sites were assigned a priori to one of nine strata--large publicly-owned treatment works (LPOTW), small POTW (SPOTW), mid-shelf POTW, river, shallow shelf, mid-shelf, marina, port, and bay/harbor.
notify the POTW immediately of all discharges that could cause problems