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One POTW director is quoted in the article with his observation that this Supreme Court decision "may open the door for municipalities to bill marketers for damage flushable wipes cause to sewer systems.
Companies discharging wastewater through the NPDES must treat the water more heavily than if they were to discharge it to a POTW facility.
This redistributive theory explains these two key features of the FWPCA: the delegation of the implementation of POTW pretreatment standards to the POTW's themselves, and the massive federal grants to improve such POTW's.
determine the capability of the POTW to handle such wastewater.
pharmaceutical concentrations in the output of a POTW would be the same
In order to purchase nutrient credits from another permitted facility, the second facility (another POTW for example) must be removing nutrient levels in excess of the requirements mandated in their NPDES permit.
POTW discharges, river and urban runoff, atmospheric deposition) are not presently available to support source apportionment estimates.
to the POTW, including "slug loading, as defined by 40 C.
The bottoms of the column represent the treated effluent, and are discharged through a feed pre-heater for heat recovery and a bottoms cooler for final temperature control before discharge to the POTW.
It is possible that the POTW may place a restriction on the commercial or industrial facility by not having sufficient capacity to accept additional sewage of any type.
These pretreatment standards limit the type of pollutants which can enter the POTW in order to preserve the efficiency of the POTW system.
Apparently, this water is not clean enough for GLI, so new proposals are calling for companies to pretreat their water before POTW does.