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46) A POTW may not obtain an NPDES permit that authorizes the discharge
representative to ISO, ANSI has created a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprised of manufacturers, distributors, and POTW operators to work out a suitable specification --based on mutually-agreed-upon test methods--for labeling a product "flushable.
One POTW director is quoted in the article with his observation that this Supreme Court decision "may open the door for municipalities to bill marketers for damage flushable wipes cause to sewer systems.
Companies discharging wastewater through the NPDES must treat the water more heavily than if they were to discharge it to a POTW facility.
This redistributive theory explains these two key features of the FWPCA: the delegation of the implementation of POTW pretreatment standards to the POTW's themselves, and the massive federal grants to improve such POTW's.
determine the capability of the POTW to handle such wastewater.
In order to purchase nutrient credits from another permitted facility, the second facility (another POTW for example) must be removing nutrient levels in excess of the requirements mandated in their NPDES permit.
section] 34A-2-2(7) (1994) (defining municipal systems and referring to "publically owned treatment works" or POTWs in the vernacular).
POTW discharges, river and urban runoff, atmospheric deposition) are not presently available to support source apportionment estimates.
notify the POTW immediately of all discharges that could cause problems
The Strathtox is an at-line instrument for plant optimization, toxicity management and POTW (publicly owned treatment works) influent screening.
If during wet weather, high flows reach the POTW, biological units designed with limited capacities can become threatened, and a portion of the flow must be diverted within the plant to prevent these facilities from flooding.