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POUPoint Of Use
POUPrevalence of Undernourishment (population proportion)
POUPay Own Utilities (used in housing advertisements)
POUPublicly Owned Utility
POUPoint of Unusibility
POUPolish Open University (Warsaw, Poland)
POUPyrexia of Unknown Origin
POUPort of Unlading (shipping)
POUPoughkeepsie, NY, USA - Dutchess County (Airport Code)
POUPublic Order Unit (various nations)
POUProgram Organization Unit
POUPhilosophy of Use
POUPetrick Outsourcing Unlimited, Inc.
POUPoint of Unusability (equipment maintenance)
POUPokhara University (Nepal)
POUPressurizing and Overspeed Unit
POUPrinciples of Understanding (water supply management; various locations)
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Most recently, Demski was employed with Logi-D, where he helped establish the company as one of the premier POU solutions in Canada and the US until its acquisition by TECSYS.
In the POU water purifiers market, products with high purification capabilities such as combination of reverse osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV) technologies are more preferred.
Increasing urbanization and resultant increase in the purchasing power of the average consumer in India is profiled as the major growth driver for the India POU water purifier market.
Next, the study compared ultrapure water dispensed from two points of delivery equipped with different POU purifiers, one with an ultrafilter, the other with a 0.
It placed the POU's provisional headquarters in Beirut, although it said "the permanent location of the POU should be Palestine itself.
Studies on POU drinking water treatment interventions are challenged by many aspects such as the complex transmission pathways of diarrheal disease, lack of consistency in field methods, and controversy over the best indicator to represent diarrheal pathogens (Gleeson & Gray, 1997; Young, Clesceri, & Kamhawy, 2005).
Therefore, increasing the molecular weight makes the intermolecular interaction so weak; consequently, the POU becomes easy to be deteriorated.
Thus far, Toyota has reduced the POU unit number on more than 1,000 different parts.
The group helped choose a test shop, and Donnie, the material handler, set up the POU stores.
DUBLIN -- In a commitment to even greater energy efficiency, Waterlogic POU (Point of Use) water dispensers have been awarded the Energy Star mark.
His cocktails also have an element of fusion, like the refreshing vodka-based POU Mok ($2.
Waterlogic International has led the POU market in terms of product design and quality, the application of new technologies and in sales and service.