POU1F1Pou Domain, Class 1, Transcription Factor 1
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The least square means estimates (LSM) with standard errors and multiple range tests for two POU1F1 genotypes and production traits were used.
According to the high homology among bovine, sheep and goat POU1F1 gene, the exon 6 of goat POU1F1 gene was analyzed by www.
Exon 6 and its flanking region of goat POU1F1 locus demonstrated polymorphic patterns in nine populations by PCR-SSCP.
Goat, sheep and bovine POU1F1 gene locate in 1q21-22 of chromosomes (Woollard et al.
2] with rare codon (UCG) possibly associated the less expression level of POU1F1 which regulates expression level of GH, PRL and TSH[beta] gene, thus the genotype [D.
2] of POU1F1 locus characterized by a DdeI PCR-RFLP detection was suggested to be molecular marker for junior milk yield, lambs and weight, as well as genotype [D.
Ovis aries POU1F1 gene: cloning, characterization and polymorphism analysis.
We were aware of few research related to the polymorphisms of goat POU1F1 gene and their association with production traits.
Neonatal Meishan pigs show POU1F1 genotype effects on plasma GH and PRL concentration.