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POUCHPregnancy Outcomes and Community Health (NIH)
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He thrust the pouch back in his pocket, as if to put away the subject with the trifle which had brought it up.
By reaching out his hand Werper could touch the spot where the pouch was buried.
An instant later a corner of the pouch came into view.
Then Robin Hood laughed aloud and quickly took the warrant from out the Tinker's pouch with his deft fingers.
He thrust his hand into his pouch, but not a scrap nor a farthing was there.
The Manila International Airport Authority said Edwin Cubacub, a pushcart retriever of D'Frada Allied Services, found a black pouch containing 36 pieces of US$100 bills, 640 Chinese Yuan and P3,400 on Wednesday morning at the Terminal 1 arrival area and quickly turned it over to a security guard.
Each pouch is about half the size of a credit card and can be packed into shipping containers.
Horticultural Research Laboratory in Fort Pierce, Florida, worked with Worrell to develop the pouch.
Ampacet offers additives that can be used on the outside or inside of a pouch to give off the smell of chocolate or flowers, for example.
The VersaPouch solution features a ready-to-dispense, gravity fed package that eliminates the need for utensils when dispensing product, and the pouch allows for over 99% product evacuation.
Pouch, today, officially released its first product to UK consumers.
Then, when drawn from the pouch for a reload that first round can be sticking out a bit causing an issue.