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POUSPresident of the United States
POUSPartido Operário de Unidade Socialista (Portuguese: Workers' Party of Socialist Unity)
POUSPoint of Use Storage
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Certain POUs in California are involved in a multi-year process to implement a repowering of the Intermountain Power Project (IPP), a 1,800 MW coal-fired generation plant located in Utah with a 490 million 500 kV direct current transmission line into California.
Luis Pous, executive concept chef, Asia de Cuba, has been with the brand for nearly two years.
Martinez Pous also cited the need for an extensive consultation process allowing the broadest range of opinions.
Czink is strong but her game looks limited against 21-year-old Pous Tio, who has shown a lot of promise in her early career, while experienced world No.
The POUs and the POCUs were all made by a so-called prepolymer process.
This "teeter totter" between POUs and IOUs has not been addressed in much of the literature on the energy crisis.
Toyota also is working hard on a strategy of reducing the "purchase order or POU, for the different parts it requires to I as often as it can.
Pous, "Perturbation of the Sierpinski Antenna to Allocate the Operating Bands," IEE Electronics Letters, Vol.
res civilis, difficilis ("athletics is simple; politics, complex"): this is when journalists cover political events as "sports," focusing almost exclusively on daily public-opinion pous and speculating on one side or another's constantly shifting chances of "victory." Because poll statistics are "facts" in a very shallow kind of way, they are offered as easily understood "news" of daily winners and losers.
spondee Greek spondeios (short for spondeios pous spondaic foot), from spondeios of a libation, a derivative of sponde libation