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POVPoint Of View
POVPrivately Owned Vehicle
PoVPower of Veto (Big Brother TV show)
POVPersistance of Vision (ray tracing program)
POVPower Operated Vehicle
PoVPsychology of Vision
POVProof of Value
POVPromise of Value (IBM computer security chip)
POVPurpose of Visit (medical coding)
POVPoint of Value
PoVPlane of Valor (gaming)
POVProximity Operations Vehicle
POVPressure Operated Valve
POVPittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway Company
POVPropagation Of Variance
PoVPoint of Variability
POVPaper Overlay Veneer
POVPajotse Oldtimer Vrienden (Dutch; vintage automobile club; Belgium)
POVPeople of Value
POVPoints, Opinions, Violent Reactions (The Buzz; Philippines)
POVPass Out Victim
POVPerson Of Vision
POVPhysician Office Visit
POVProgram Obnovy Venkova (Czech: Rural Rehabilitation Program)
POVPersonally Owned Vehicle
POVPatient Office Visit
POVPre Operation Verification
POVPissed Off Voters
PoVPacket Over VDSL
POVParliament of Victoria (Australia)
POVPort of Vancouver (Vancouver, WA)
POVPercentage of Volume (finance)
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As shown in Table 5, increasing dietary POV increased the concentration in jejunal mucosa of MDA (linear and quadratic, both p < 0.
Brody challenged MSHA's POV regulations soon after it was notified of POV status.
The idea to use the warehouse as a POV processing facility came soon after the MOU with FISC was signed.
POV is derived from a filmmaking term meaning 'point of view' and these screenings are all about aspiring filmmakers having their point of view seen by an audience.
Army Safety Center offers numerous training materials and other items such as POV checklists and sample motorcycle operator agreements.
Whether educators chalk it up to the technology, the content or the cross-district collaboration, POV students are absorbing the material better.
From my point of view, it contained two salient errors of fact: one, it claimed the first issue of POV was published in 1992; and two, that "Paul Jay stepped forward with the idea of starting an annual documentary film festival .
Much later in the day, Latino's will be hosting Cardiff's popular short film screening night POV.
Normally, to pickup a POV in Fairbanks it usually takes 5 to 7 minutes to go over the paperwork and inspect the vehicle with the member for any damages.
Assignments that preclude taking a privately owned vehicle, but allow POV storage, include hardship tours to Korea without family members for a year or less; assignments to Japan for troops whose vehicles were made since 1976; and assignments to Egypt for troops whose vehicles are more than 4 years old.
The rates are fairly consistent between the two except for POV accidents.
In first person POV, the writer gets into the character's head.