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POVMPositive Operator-Valued Measure
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One potential advantage of POVM over the typical, or scene view, video model is that it further restricts the stimuli to those that are directly related to the target behavior, eliminating the necessity of identifying optimal characteristics of the model (Hine & Wolery, 2006).
The above investigations demonstrated the effectiveness of POVM for teaching self-help skills, play skills, and compliance with transitions.
Results of this study are inconclusive regarding the overall effectiveness of POVM to teach social exchanges to children with autism.
Second, the action of eye contact (e.g., the motion of the camera) was clearly visible in the video model, whereas the scripted vocal responses were stated by a person not seen on the video which is a potential drawback of the POVM compared to a scene model.
It is unclear why the current study failed to replicate the results of previous research on POVM. One possibility is our use of an off-screen modeled response (e.g., the scripted vocal statements), as mentioned above.