POWAParadigm Online Writing Assistant (online writing tool; online writing community)
POWAPeople Opposed to Women Abuse (South Africa)
POWAProgram for Older Worker Adjustment (est. 1987; Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)
POWAPolice Officers' Wives Association (various locations)
POWAPennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association (Springs Mills, PA)
POWAPrince of Wales Award (Australia; military reservists development opportunity)
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With its next-generation solutions PowaTag, PowaPOS and PowaWeb, Powa removes the final barriers to instant global transactions through a revolutionary instant mobile payment technology, the first fully integrated tablet POS platform, and advanced cloud-based ecommerce solutions.
Powa Technologies' PowaTag app offers a union of different technologies fused into one application - consumers need to only download one app and the service requires no infrastructure costs on the part of retailers, and allows for seamless adoption into current retailer infrastructure.
It's obvious that GPOWA operator include a wide range of aggregation operators such as the POWA, the probabilistic ordered weighted geometric (POWG), the probabilistic ordered weighted harmonic average (POWHA), the probabilistic ordered weighted quadratic average (POWQA), and a lot of other cases.
The only song sung by the women's rights group that had a trace of strong action is the following song, which alludes to the fact that POWA has power:
Union (Sadtu), the nurses union, Denosa, the women's advocacy group, Powa, and the YWCA.
One POWA client could only communicate to her sister through the letter opening in the front door.
Piara Powa said: 'We appreciate the struggles of Sir Jack's generation because of the political situation in Germany and Japan in those days.
Holmes & Lloyd Ltd Kudos Kleening Ltd Monarch Cleaners Ltd Powa Pak Cleaners Ltd Scotia Clean Teck Ltd
The Gartner report highlights Powa Technologies' PowaTag as one of the most interesting, new and innovative solutions in the market because it connects the virtual and physical commerce worlds, empowering eCommerce to happen anywhere, from billboards and magazines to broadcast commercials.
Meanwhile, the regular officers had several meetings in this connection and finally decided to form POWA which has recently been registered under IRA 2012.
Top cloud eCommerce platform Powa today announces the launch of mPowa , a revolutionary software/hardware package which will allow small businesses, travelling salespeople and other hard working Brits to turn their smartphones into card payment machines.