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POWERPCPerformance Optimized With Enhanced RISC Personal Computer
POWERPCPower Optimized With Enhanced RISC Personal Computer
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Embedded Planet offers a full line of small form factor PC/104, EBX, and credit-card-sized single-board computers based on Motorola's PowerQUICC 8xx and PowerQUICC II 82xx processors, and IBM Microelectronics' PowerPC 405GP processors.
These announcements mark another milestone in the momentum surrounding the PowerPC chip.
MigraTEC's 64Express to PowerPC focuses attention on all the issues that must be addressed prior to testing.
More than 30 hardware vendors -- including Apple, Bull, Canon, FirePower Systems, IBM, Motorola Computer Group, Pioneer, Power Computing, Tatung and Toshiba -- are currently developing PowerPC products, with other leading vendors scheduled to announce PowerPC products this year.
In response to the growing number of companies developing PowerPC products, Motorola and IBM announced the official opening of a PowerPC technical center in Taipei, Taiwan and plans to open several additional centers throughout the world in 1994.
The AMCC PowerPC 440GX embedded processor provides advanced processing capability with the versatility and bandwidth needed by high-performance embedded systems.
Initially, the center will provide support to the Taiwan New PC Consortium (TNPC), an organization originated by Computer and Communications Research Laboratories (CCL) and the Taiwan Electronic Appliance manufacturers' Association (TEAMA) to combine the resources of Motorola, IBM and 31 major Taiwan computer companies for development and promotion of PowerPC systems.
Cadence has worked closely for over two years with IBM in support of the PowerPC Architecture, and continues that commitment as a founding member of Power.
We believe these PowerPC computers will provide a superb price/performance advantage and open strategy, which will induce add-on and Asia Pacific vendors to develop products for the PowerPC platform -- thereby speeding the maturity of this market.
Adding support for Yellow Dog Linux advances Portlock's strategy of developing solutions that provide reliable Disaster Recovery, Server Migration and Bare Metal Restore operations across all major Linux distributions, as well as Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows(R) servers running on either Intel x86 or PowerPC processors," said John J.