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POWERPCPerformance Optimization with Enhanced Risc Personal Computer
POWERPCPerformance Optimized With Enhanced RISC Personal Computer
POWERPCPower Optimized With Enhanced RISC Personal Computer
POWERPCPerformance Optimization with Enhanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing)-Performance Computing (processors)
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Used to demonstrate source-to-object-code traceability, the LDRA tool suite for PowerPC assemblers can analyze the relationship between the two levels of code and highlight any instances of additional or extraneous code at the object level.
"Moving forward, we are pleased to offer our FastCluster customers the most advanced PowerPC AltiVec architecture optimized for performance-per-watt.
Performance on PowerPC systems varies more with the power and speed of the processor, with faster, multiple G5 processor systems performing 10 to 15 percent better than they did with version 6.1.
This must be the single biggest coup in Intel's history, leaving major rivals IBM and Motorola, who manufacture the PowerPC chips without a major vendor.
One example is a PowerPC family of CPU boards that is fast enough (up to 800 MHz, increasing to 1.2 GHz in 2004) for real-time applications, yet does not need many fans to cool the CPU (6W as compared to 30W-90W for a state-of-the-art Intel CPU--quite a difference.) PowerPC-based VMEbus CPU boards of the IBM 750 FX/750 GX family are also significantly faster than PowerPC microcontrollers, available with up to 300 MHz (increasing to 550 MHz in 2004).
In keeping with its desire to open up the Power processor architecture, IBM Corp yesterday sold off the PowerPC 400 series of embedded processors to San Diego-based Applied Micro Circuits Corp, a specialty maker of circuitry for networking and storage equipment.
TimeSys Corporation, Anaheim, Calif., a leader in embedded Linux(R) and development tools, has debuted a public beta program for its TimeStorm(R) Linux Development Kits (LDKs) bundling TimeSys' TimeStorm Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a beta version of the first commercial port of Linux v2.6 to the PowerPC architecture.
Apple has introduced Xserve G5, the most powerful Xserve yet, delivering over 30 gigaflops of processing power per system, about 60 percent more than the PowerPC G4-based Xserve.
Metrowerks simplifies and speeds application development for Motorola systems containing the PowerPC instruction set architecture (ISA), with the release of CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerPC ISA Edition for Communications Processors, Version 8.
For the same entry-level price of $699 for education, users can now have the power of an 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processor.
A new desktop line from Apple designed specifically for education includes a 17-inch flat CRT display and a 700 MHz PowerPC G4 processor in a design that is 8 mm less deep than the original 15-inch iMac.