POWMPhysicians' Organization of Western Michigan (Grand Rapids, MI)
POWMPeople of Walmart (website)
POWMPrince of Wales Museum (UK)
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With the increased efforts of hospitals to acquire and control physician practices, many independent physician practices have organized themselves into organizations like POWM.
Says David Silliven, who will become the executive director of POM, "The relationship between UMHS and physician organizations reinforces the mission that POWM has focused on for more than 20 years - to work for a healthier community and a more robust health care market.
POWM establishes collaborative and strategic relationships that serve the interests of its members and their patients.
Chairman and CEO John Elliott II said, "Arcadia's strongest asset, that of human capital, combined with our reputation for providing professional staffing, durable and respiratory medical equipment and home health care services, makes us uniquely qualified to partner with POWM.
POWM empowers us to establish a strong market position that ensures that patients receive the highest standards of medical practice.