POWRPhiladelphia Officers and Workers Rising (Pennsylvania)
POWRProfessional Organizers Web Ring (resource)
POWRPennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers, Inc.
POWRParty of World Revolution (New York, NY)
POWRPreservation of Web Resources (Joint Information Systems Committee project)
POWRPsychoacoustically Optimized Wordlength Reduction (dithering-filter used in digital audio productions)
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POWR is Xoom's latest product offering customers "peace of mind and reassurance.
Both POWR and StatusTrak provide very reassuring money transfer experiences with Xoom.
Kevin Dennis said "This project highlights the flexibility and configurability of the ZESS POWR PECC for a major commercial user firmly placing energy storage at the cornerstone of integrated renewable energy for a wide range of capabilities.
The ZESS POWR system will make the evaluation of multiple applications and sources of power readily available and scalable for a wide variety of current and future projects for General Atomics.
The ZESS POWR system will make renewable energy more stable and valuable as a generation source.
Creating effective operational models using resources like the ZESS POWR system will make wind energy a more knowable and valuable generation source.
The ZESS POWR PECC is a hybrid power conversion system that is a modular, flexible and easily configurable unit which supports the integration of any combination of generating sources such as wind, Solar PV, hydro, electric and conventional generator sets, coupled with ZBB's, ZESS energy storage units to create a designed system configuration, that can be easily expanded for future needs.
The peak power and deep discharge capabilities of ZBB's advanced energy storage and ZESS POWR PECC power control technology provide a giant leap forward for both off-grid and grid tied renewable energy utilization.