POWREProfessional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education
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No sooner hee with them of Man and Beast Select for life shall in the Ark be lodg'd, And shelterd round, but all the Cataracts Of Heav'n set open on the Earth shall powre Raine day and night, all fountaines of the Deep Broke up, shall heave the Ocean to usurp Beyond all bounds, till inundation rise Above the highest Hills: then shall this Mount Of Paradise by might of Waves be moovd Out of his place, pushd by the horned floud, With all his verdure spoil'd, and Trees adrift Down the great River to the op'ning Gulf, And there take root an Iland salt and bare, The haunt of Seales and Orcs, and Sea-mews clang.
(8) 'Powre' works synonymously as our power and pour, while 'power' only ever refers to the meaning we typically assign today to that combination of letters.
And on her head a crowne of purest gold Is set, in signe of highest soueraignty, And in her hand a scepter she doth hold, With which she rules the house of God on hy, And menageth the euer-mouing sky, And in the same these lower creatures all, Subiected to her powre imperiall.
In sum, only rhetoric in its widest sense--from inventio to actio--allows, even if indirectly, the closest approach to the inner human experience, for, as Peacham similarly declares, the mouth of man was opened 'to powre forth the inward passions of his heart' ([AB3.sup.r]).
Rosser, S.V., 2006, Using POWRE to ADVANCE: Institutional barriers identified by women scientists and engineers, in Bystydzienski, J.M.
Prynne, They That Have Powre to Hurt (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2001).
The fyrste longeth to the Fadur of heven, to whom is apropred all the powre in heven and in erthe, as the gospel wittenes ...
In a speech glossed by Chapman as "of purpose to incense Mars Scoptice," Hera then provokes the war god by praising him for bearing so patiently the death of his son Ascalaphus, a wartime casualty of "Jove's high grace to Troy." In so doing, Hera manages to enrage Ares as well as to provoke the ire of Poseidon, who according to Chapman's marginal note at line 173 becomes "incenst with Jupiter" when Iris delivers a message from Zeus warning the sea-god not to "vaunt equalitie" with his elder brother, whose "powre is farre superior" to his own.
Most sacred vertue she [Justice] of all the rest, Resembling God in his imperiall might; Whose soveraine powre is herein most exprest, That both to good and bad he dealeth right, And all his workes with Justice hath bedight.
For the queen, news arrives in bodily form, moving violently from the throat to the ear: "Ramme thou thy fruitefull tidings in mine eares" (2.5.24); "Powre out the packe of matter to mine eare" (2.5.54).
The chorus hopes that the storms are punishments for sin, begging the gods: "Powre downe on them diseases fowle, that them deserved have." (75) At the end of the drama Neville shows that the Oedipus story concerns the just punishment of a crime and should encourage the audience to live virtuously.
passions (8 times) power (and power (B3, C3, power (17 times) Fairly related words) D3, F3, H) powerful (once) frequent, in powerfull (G2v) powers (3 times) various forms, powre (= power) (4 in both SP (7 powers (E4) times) times) and powres (= powers) Webster (26 (once) times).