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POWWOWPower Without Wires
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13 3rd Annual Karankawa Lodge Powwow, First United Methodist Church--900 S Shoreline Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX, (361) 288-6446, frankoro75@gmail.
If you've never been to a powwow, The Last Pow-Wow will make you want to find the nearest one and drive there.
The powwow is a time to commemorate the Trail of Tears and special ceremonies are held in remembrance of it.
37th Annual Grand River 'Champion of Champions' Powwow
Powwow scholarship has come a long way since its origin in the 1950s.
PowWow will use the fresh funds for go-to-market activities and to expand its engineering teams.
July 27: Hassanamisco Indian Fair/Nipmuc Nation 52nd annual Powwow, 10 a.
I have structured this book in two large sections: the first describes practices of the powwow grounds; the second, the practices of the studio.
A la fois musicien, chercheur, ingenieur du son et realisateur (il compte a son actif plusieurs disques, parus chez Arbor Records et War Pony Records), Scales livre ici brillamment les fruits de ses recherches sur la musique powwow nord-americaine, amorcees il y a pres de vingt ans.
A master of ceremonies explains activities and shares teachings about the powwow and the dances and activities at the powwow, and people buy and sell arts and crafts and traditional Aboriginal food.
The powwow was identified through the Common Ground Initiative as one way that the two groups of residents could connect and get to know each other.
Hartsell spent three hours Friday night helping set up for the powwow, she said, with much more time spent planning and scheduling.