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POxPulse Oximetry (medicine)
POxPressure Oxidation
POxPartial Oxidation (fuel cells)
POxPoint of Exit
POxPlain Old XML
POxPurgeable Organic Halogens
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Hearing loss is a very rare complication of chicken pox, which usually leaves nothing more than a few minor scars, but in rare cases it can be more serious.
"Together, the successful commissioning of the POX hub and ramp-up of concentrate production from Malomir are transforming our business, with 27% of sales in the first half coming from our significant refractory ore reserves.
We believe that the group's financial results and liquidity profile will improve starting from 2020, after the benefits of the POX Hub fully materialise and capex decreases to lower, more stable levels.
In this study, recorded veterinarians from the cities of Anbar, Dayla, Baghdad, and Najaf collected Sheep pox samples from 24 animals.
You can expect to see pox in dedicated mezcal bars and quirky cocktail haunts.
Professor Reginald Shooter's report said: "The contact was a member of the Medical Microbiology Department who visited the animal pox room on most days to give advice on experimental work being undertaken, but who never entered the smallpox room.
According to hospital sources, patient of chicken pox, Humaira belongs to Vehari, while AIDS patient Perveen is resident of Dunyapur, Lodhran.
Q In regards to your recent article about the shingles vaccine (January issue), should I still get the vaccine even if I have never had chicken pox? My primary care doctor says I should, but my travel doctor, who specializes in infectious diseases, says I should not.
About the complications of this disease she said that infection of the open pox sore by bacteria can injure the skin, sometimes causing scarring, especially if the patient scratches the inflamed area and the bacterial skin infection is, in fact, and the most common complication of chickenpox in children.
A THIRD case of squirrel pox has been confirmed in Gwynedd, raising further concerns that the red squirrel colony on Anglesey could be wiped out.
OUTBREAKS of chicken pox are being reported by nursery staff across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan, health chiefs have confirmed.