PP-PIProduction Planning for Process Industries (SAP, AG)
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SAP PP-PI serves as an excellent integration point for businesses to exchange manufacturing-related information between R/3 and manufacturing systems and devices," said Richard Crossan, SAP Plant Centric Solution Architect.
The PP-PI module integrates business planning and quality management with process planning and control.
PP-PI provides comprehensive tools for process-based plants, including recipe and resource management, co-product and process management, process documentation for electronic batch records, a well as standard interfaces with industry-leading process control systems, laboratory information management systems and document management systems.
The pilot site went live in July 1996 and by year end 1996 had implemented finance, controlling, materials management, PP-PI, and sales and distribution in a major business.
HP demonstrated SAP R/3's PP-PI to controls functionality at Sapphire 1994," said Bill Swanton, senior analyst at Advanced Manufacturing Research.
By simplifying R/3's data structures, HP Enterprise Link provides visual point-and-click data mapping between R/3's PP-PI module and other systems.
In relation to SAP R/3's PP-PI data structures, HP Enterprise Link provides visual point-and-click data mapping between R/3 and the control vendors listed below.
With R/3, HP Enterprise Link communicates through the PP-PI module using SAP's standard remote function calls.
HP has worked closely with our PP-PI development team since 1994, first with HP RTAP, now with the innovative HP Enterprise Link as part of our complementary software program," said Dr.
PDAS integrates the execution planned by PP-PI to the automation, control equipment, and complementary solutions typically found in the process manufacturing execution environment.
SAP and Digital are now engaged in additional pilots for both PP-PI and PDAS with customers across the process industries, in both Europe and the U.
The Process Industries ICOE will support the introduction of SAP's R/3 module called PP-PI (Production Planning - Process Industries).