PP17Placental Tissue Protein 17
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The Action concerns one of the two remaining sections to be completed before the bypass becomes operational in 2017, connecting the nodes Rohr and Wagram of PP17.
The project is part of the Austrian Western Railway Line between Vienna and Salzburg, along PP17 (Railway axis Paris-Strasbourg-Stuttgart-Wien-Bratislava).
It looks to improve the connection of the Port of Linz to the Danube (part of PP18 Waterway axis Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube) as well as PP17 (Railway axis Paris-Strasbourg-Stuttgart-Wien-Bratislava), PP22 (Railway axis Athina Sofia Budapest Wien Praha NE-rnberg/Dresden) and PP6 (Railway axis Lyon-Trieste-Divaea/Koper-Ljubljana- Budapest-Ukrainian border), by eliminating the major bottlenecks in the transfer and combination capacity at the Port of Linz.