PP2Phloem Protein 2 (plant biology)
PP2Private Practice 2
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Al analizar el estadio de maduracion osea de acuerdo a la edad cronologica, se encontro que para los ninos en el estadio PP2 la edad promedio fue de 9.
EDAD ESTADIO * (%) DENTICION * (%) Ninos 8-9 PP2 100 Mixta Temprana 27.
La mayor variacion en elongacion a la rotura se obtiene para las formulaciones preparadas con el PP2 (F11 y F15), independientemente del tipo de EPDM empleado.
PP = physical practice group with one practice session; PP2 = PP with two practice sessions; IP = imaginary practice group with one practice session; IP2 = IP with two practice sessions; PR = group receiving physical practice and rest intervals.
crit] of another homopolymer PP2 sample with lower molecular weight under different aging conditions.
Since the XRD results do not give any insight into clay dispersability, TEM micrographs of PPCN prepared with both PP grades were prepared, to evaluate the effect of low molecular weight polar additives present in PP2 on clay dispersability in PPCN structures.
Blends of 10, 25 and 50 wt% of branched PP2 and PP3 in linear PP1 polymer were produced with the twin-screw extruder using a compounding screw configuration.
Figure 5 shows the WAXD spectra of the samples of PP1, PP2 and PP3 prepared by method 4.
PP2 is again supplied by ICI, but is not a commercially available grade, rather it was specifically requested for this project.
PP4: A propylene-ethylene block copolymer similar to PP2, with the exception of having a propylene homopolymer portion with a corresponding intrinsic viscosity of 1.