PP2Phloem Protein 2 (plant biology)
PP2Private Practice 2
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BCA Bodhicaryavatara OBM On the Basis of Morality PP2 Parerga and Paralipomena, Vol.
For instance, if a clause contains three PPs, in which PP1 is the most thematic one, PP3 carries sentence focus, and PP2 is neither thematic nor carries sentence focus, extraposition of PP2 is not very likely.
In addition, transfection of alveolar epithelial A549 cells with Lyn dominant negative construct and use of Src p56 specific inhibitor PP2 drastically reduced bacterial internalization.
EGF-stimulated p38 activation in YAMC cells was inhibited by three different Src inhibitors (PP1, PP2, and CGP XXXX).
137]Cs area[ activity and topsoil depth at the reference sites PP1 PP2 PP3 All sites Mean [sup.
Identified by pyramids on their eastern sides (probably ancestor shrines of leading lineages), PP2 groups correlate well with hill shoulders and sub-maximal altitudes, placing them in an advantageous position between hill and valley resources and settlement.
PP2 Concerned at the prospect of the indefinite possession of nuclear weapons, believing that the contention that nuclear weapons can be retained in perpetuity and never used is not supported by the history of human experience, and convinced that the only complete defence is the elimination of nuclear weapons and the assurance that they will never be produced again,
It was shown in a research study that interference with Src expression or Src activity, either via siRNA interference or small molecule inhibitors such as PP2, resulted in the disruption of adhesion and spreading of human cancer cells as monitored with the xCELLigence System.
Bis[sulfosuccinimidyl]suberate (BS3), PP2, and bosutinib (the latter two being Src kinase inhibitors) and compound 56 (C56; an EGFR inhibitor) were obtained from Calbiochem (San Diego, CA, USA).
The p44/42 MAPK inhibitor PD 98059 and src family tyrosine kinase inhibitor PP2 were purchased from Calbiochem (San Diego, CA).