PP2Phloem Protein 2 (plant biology)
PP2Private Practice 2
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The piglets were allocated into the following groups designated as "acute phase": normoxic (Nx), hypoxic (Hx), and hypoxic pretreated with Src kinase inhibitor PP2 (Hx + PP2).
In our original analysis, the data were organized so that subjects' PP1 readings were aligned with their outcome scores from Visit 2 while their PP2 readings were aligned with their outcome scores from Visit 3.
* The PP2, which snaps into a 13.5- by 36-mm mounting hole.
La viscosidad a 16 [s.sup.-1] y 200[grados]C de temperatura del PP1 es mayor que para el PP2, como se explico con anterioridad.
PP = physical practice group with one practice session; PP2 = PP with two practice sessions; IP = imaginary practice group with one practice session; IP2 = IP with two practice sessions; PR = group receiving physical practice and rest intervals.
Cells were treated only with TGF-[beta]1 (5ng/mL) or in combination with 4PBA or PP2. After 48 hours, images were captured with a microscope (Olympus BX51; Olympus, Tokyo, Japan).
PP1 (polypropylene, F401, homopolymer) and PP2 (polypropylene, J802, homopolymer) were supplied as pellets by Langang Petrochemical Company, China.
The animals were randomly divided into four groups, including (i) control group, (ii) AngII group, (iii) AngII+PP2 (Src kinase inhibitor), subject to AngII pumping followed by 20 [micro]g PP2 dissolved in DMSO via intraperitoneal injection, and (iv) PP2 group subject to intraperitoneal injection of 20 [micro]g PP2 dissolved in DMSO.
A propylene-ethylene copolymer (K8003) with an MFI of 2 g/10 min, which was named PP2, was supplied as pellets by Yangzi Petrochemical Company, China.
PPCN compounds were prepared by melt blending of either HB671 (PP1) or HB306 (PP2) and organically modified clay (OMMT) in the presence of PP-MA, using a Haake Rheomix 600 torque rheometer, operating at 185[degrees]C (set temperature) and 100 rpm rotor speed.