PP5Protein Phosphatase 5
PP5Placental Protein 5 (obstetrics)
PP5Proteose-Peptone 5
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Recently, new researches for inhibiting PP5 also were studies.
TABLE 1 Forest plots and sections along the study gradient Region Plots Forest Latitude Longitude Section (1) La PN1 BMF 6[degrees]05'49" N 61[degrees]23'39" W Escalera PN2 BMF 6[degrees]05'49" N 61[degrees]24'00" W PN3 LMF 6[degrees]00'51" N 61[degrees]23'33" W PP4 LMF 6[degrees]00'62" N 61[degrees]23'33" W PP5 CMF 5[degrees]58'13" N 61[degrees]24'02" W PN6 CMF 5[degrees]57'00" N 61[degrees]26'11" W Gran PPIVIC FMF 5[degrees]51'17" N 61[degrees]27'10" W Sabana PP7 FMF 5[degrees]38'40" N 61[degrees]22'39" W PN9 FLMF 4[degrees]59'17" N 61[degrees]08'56" W PP9 FLMF 4[degrees]58'48" N 61[degrees]08'27" W PP10 FLMF 4[degrees]53'03" N 61[degrees]05'18" W Region Plots Elevation Precipitation Dry season Sample (m a.
En el sitio PP5, se registraron du rante todos los periodos monitoreados las menores tasas de crecimiento del gradiente, las cuales pueden ser atribuidas a la fuerte competencia generada por la alta densidad de fustes y la elevada area basal en este sitio (Tabla I).
PP5 Reiterating its serious concern over the IAEA Director General's report of 28 April 2006 (GOV/2006/27) and its findings, including that.
By indicating you learned of the event through The Florida Bar and mentioning program promotion code PP5, you will receive an additional $100 discount.
The compound is thus useful to enhance glucocorticoid therapy and to enhance inhibition of hyperproliferation relating to PP5.
PP5 Bearing in mind that the overwhelming majority of States entered into legally binding commitments not to receive, manufacture or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices, and recalling that these undertakings have been made in the context of the corresponding legally binding commitments by the Nuclear-Weapon States to the pursuit of nuclear disarmament,
Schautz, "Modification of Friedman-Rubin's Clustering Algorithm for Use in Stratified PP5 Sampling," Proceedings of the Survey Research Methods Section (American Statistical Association, 1981), pp.
101 development aircraft PP4 and PP5, and the first production Merlin HAS.
The PP5 (the Royal Navy model, designated Merlin) and the PP6 (Italian Navy) are the two last helicopters to have made their maiden flight.
PP1 and PP2A, known as protein serine/threonine phosphatases (PPs), are a family of metalloproteins comprising seven subtypes PP1, PP2A, PP2B, PP4, PP5, PP6 and PP7.