PP6Protein Phosphatase 6 (human gene)
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and more studies are also necessary for other PPs such as PP6, PP7.
The highest value was found in PP6 (76) and is explained by the presence of pine bark in this substrate.
The shifting of Van Gurp plots indicated that the levels of LCB in modified PPs were as follows: PP6 > PP4 > PP3 > PP2 > PP5.
PP6 Concerned also that those three States that are nuclear-weapons capable and that have not acceded to the NPT have failed to renounce their nuclear-weapons option,
A mega water supply project will be launched in PP6 Rawalpindi at the cost of Rs 592 million and water will be supplied from Chehan dam for this project.
A fifth set of data will be introduced with PP6 in early 2007
the emerging leader in high-performance data protection solutions, today announced at Storage Networking World, Booth # PP6, that its S2100-ES2 platform of data protection solutions features significant enhancements in storage density and cost, providing customers with a superior solution for backup and disaster recovery.
Booth/Stand: PP6 Media Contact: Beth Winkowski Phone: 978-649-7189 E-mail: bwinkowski@att.
By creating in Milan a unique command and control site for the whole Torino Milano Padova line, the Action will facilitate interoperability achievement and will contribute to the improvement of network safety and reliability, as well as to the development of a sustainable mobility of persons and goods along PP6.
Located on the Priority Project 6 (Railway axis Lyon-Trieste-Divaca/Koper-Divaca-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border), the proposed Action is part of the Global Project "Treviglio-Brescia high speed line", crucial section along the Milano-Venezia railway line, strategically important for the development of a sustainable mobility of persons and goods along the Italian railway infrastructure and PP6.