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PPACProvidence Performing Arts Center (Rhode Island)
PPACPromotional Products Association of Canada
PPACPlanned Parenthood Affiliates of California
PPACParallel-Plate Avalanche Counter (gas counter)
PPACPacific Plan Action Committee
PPACProgressive Pseudorheumatoid Arthropathy of Childhood
PPACPharmacy Practice Activity Classification
PPACProspective Payment Assessment Commission
PPACPracticing Physician's Advisory Council
PPACPurchased Power Adjustment Charge (utility billing)
PPACProduct Performance Agreement Center
PPACPublic Protection Advisory Committee
PPACPerfect Practice Athletic Center (Tulsa, OK)
PPACPacific Pilotage Authority Canada
PPACPolicy and Planning Committee (Wisconsin)
PPACPersian Political Action Committee (Orange County, CA)
PPACPriority Planning Advisory Committee (Arizona)
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The nine committee members serve at the pleasure of the Secretary of Commerce and are appointed, according to the legislation that created the PPAC, based on "substantial background and achievement in finance, management, labor relations, science (or) technology," among others.
Previous deadlines, such as the March 1 requirement to use an NPI for all primary provider fields, have already created payment backlogs, said several PPAC members who complained they have dedicated hours of staff time to digging up NPI numbers manually because their software has not been updated to meet the new requirements.
Higgins and the PPAC representatives also discussed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act (S.
Awad al-Sid criticized the way the PPAC dealt with the complaint which contained serious violations committed by the NISS against their members on a daily basis, describing the dragging procedures as "intentional injustice".
CONTACT: Ana Sandoval, PPAC communications Director of PPAC, +1-916-446-5247, or cell, +1-916-712-6239
Physicians don't object to the agency's push for pay for performance, but you can't expect to purchase quality on the cheap, said PPAC member Dr.
PPAC chairman, told CMS officials who presented a summary of the proposed fee schedule at the meeting.
Stack says that staff and legislative counsel will provide PPAC members with regular intelligence reports on public policy developments that affect the security industry to help them decide which issues to monitor and when to contact Congress about a specific concern.
Fitch views this concern as manageable given UI's historical use of the PPAC to cover comparable costs and supportive language in the state's restructuring legislation.
Also, some commentators in Khartoum say how the PPAC, which is administratively attached to the Sudanese presidency, can issue such a decision without a green light from president Bashir.
To demonstrate the process of getting an NPI, PPAC Chairman Ronald Castellanos, M.