PPACAPatient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (health care reform)
PPACAPerformance Partnership Agreement Cooperative Agreement
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This is why the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons challenged its constitutionality as soon as PPACA passed.
At its core, the PPACA transformed the fundamental relationship between the individual and America's national government, reducing both privacy and personal autonomy.
It seems to have helped other agencies draft PPACA regulations in a methodical way.
PPACA commercial insurance architecture Bipartisan favorites:
1, 2013, launch of PPACA's federal exchange, Healthcare.gov, was a hugely anticipated moment for PPACA.
When the administration began implementing PPACA, it issued a set of interim final rules that sailed through OIRA, which typically serves the White House by anticipating costly or problematic details in proposed regulations.
Travelers Bond & Financial Products recently released a Nielsen Research poll offering insight into potential liability risks employers could face based on their unfamiliarity with key provisions of the PPACA.
The drafters also included the fee to compensate for what some thought might be dramatic increases in health insurance company revenue and profit totals as a result of PPACA "shared responsibility" provisions that will tax many individuals who fail to have what PPACA defines as being a responsible amount of health coverage.
The PPACA requires all clients to have health insurance.
While PPACA does not go that far, the law does extend health coverage to millions who currently lack health insurance and protects many others from losing coverage due to common private health insurer cost-saving practices.
Availability - PPACA prohibits insurer discrimination based on factors such as health status, medical condition or history, claims experience, and genetic information or disability.
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