PPADPractical Procedures & Aesthetic Dentistry (oral health journal)
PPADPractical Periodontics & Aesthetic Dentistry (journal)
PPADPersonal, Professional and Academic Development
PPADPolicy, Planning and Advocacy Division (Department of Health; Philippines)
PPADPlanning, Prevention and Assistance Division (Montana)
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The team, led by Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Rajendra Kumar-Singh, found that PPADS inhibited the formation of pores, which lead to cell death within the eye, seen in dry AMD.
PPADS caused concentration-dependent inhibition of c-fos luciferase in the presence and absence of added ATP (Figure 4).
1996), are recognized as apamin-sensitive candidates In the present study, ATP appeared to play a role in the action of schisandrin, as a purinoceptor antagonist PPADS at adequate concentrations significantly attenuated the schisandrin-induced relaxation.