PPADBPublic Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (Botswana)
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PPADB provides several training programmes or workshops to suppliers on how to respond to tenders.
Although the PPADB is still considering how best to shape government procurement to support national objectives, these approaches allow for flexibility, so that different schemes can be introduced depending on the government's agenda.
Alternatively adapt Bank bidding documents for NCB; (iii) Train staff in World Bank procurement procedures and selection of consultants; (iv) engage and maintain procurement specialists for first 2 years of the project; (v) engage Grant officers with prerequisite knowledge in fiduciary management to supplement the capacity of District Aids Coordinators; (vi) Train CSOs in procurement prior to disbursement of funds and require CSO networks to assist their affiliates in fiduciary management; and (vii) procurement documents for key start up activities to be prepared prior to effectiveness and PPADB to assist NACA, the principal implementing agency in preparing the documents.
She said that the PPADB commits to adhere to performance service standards and to uphold principles guiding public procurement such as transparency, completion, fairness and equitable treatment of bidders.
She said the PPADB has held numerous workshops to capacitate MTC members, secretariat and members of the procurement unit.
The Ministry is supported by PPADB with a Technical Advisor under the devolvement of procurement function by PPADB.
PPADB have agreed to a streamlined internal approval process to facilitate implementation.
Jones said this when she was asked if handing over tendering authority to ministries would not lead to corruption that the PPADB has been battling in the awarding of tenders.
The COA was told, on Tuesday this week, that the PPADB defied a proposal by the ministry to offer the work to the company on the grounds that none of the bidders had fulfilled all the needs of the Invitation To Tender (ITT).
The court stating that it was not appropriate for the PPADB to scrap the offer after engineers from the ministry in conjunction with consulting engineers had jointly viewed Zac as compliant in all respects.