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The study found that topical application of the PPADS compound works on two fronts.
oxATP, unlike PPADS, did not decrease c-fos luciferase activity.
PPADS, a P2 agonist, given at 200 [micro]m inhibited both the activity of pPfTx and ATP (Figure 10).
PPADS, a P2 antagonist of moderate selectivity for P2X receptors (19), caused concentration-dependent inhibition of ATP induction of c-fos luciferase in [GH.
1996), are recognized as apamin-sensitive candidates In the present study, ATP appeared to play a role in the action of schisandrin, as a purinoceptor antagonist PPADS at adequate concentrations significantly attenuated the schisandrin-induced relaxation.
Inhibition of the NANC relaxation of the Guinea-pig proximal colon longitudinal muscle by the purinoceptor antagonist PPADS, inhibition of nitric oxide synthase, but not by a PACAP/VIP antagonist.