PPAFPlant Patent Applied For (gardening)
PPAFPolicing Performance Assessment Framework (UK)
PPAFPromotional Products Association of Florida
PPAFPlanned Parenthood Action Fund, Inc. (Washington, DC)
PPAFPostpartum Aunt Flo (first postpartum menstruation)
PPAFPresidio Performing Arts Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
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In a piece published June 18, 2015, under the byline of Michelle Ye Hee Lee, the Post Fact Checker awarded PPAF "two Pinocchios" on its four-Pinocchio scale of deception.
There is a huge potential in the Gulf corporate sector and if PPAF manages to convince them then it would go a long way in helping addressing poverty in Pakistan," he said.
Under the PPAF model, communities organise themselves for establishing new groups and consolidating existing ones.
Hina Rabbani Khar said that the government was well aware of the plight of the flood affectees and had engaged PPAF to immediately carry out relief activities in Muzaffargarh and Kot Addu Tehsil.
8 million individuals availed the PPAF financing with 60 percent loans to women.
The Finance Minister directed PPAF that areas with low or no micro finance should be reached in the layout and the scheme should be devised on low operational cost.
Though the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) had been active in previous elections and Planned Parenthood's preference for pro-abortion candidates was no secret, 2004 marked the first year that Planned Parenthood through its PPAF officially endorsed a presidential candidate.
The PPAF being an apex body and an indigenous funding agency truly appreciates and acknowledges the fact that the success of its programme hinges upon delivery of services through effective partnership with Civil Society and Private Sector Organisations with close interaction with communities.
Planned Parenthood president Gloria Feldt announced today that PPAF will spend $7 million for TV ads in key states in coming days.
There was also discussion on revamping the PPAF to enhance its utility for social sector uplift and both sides agreed to have candid exchange of views on the subject in near future.
The financing by the government of Federal Republic of Germany will not only help in poverty alleviation but would open up new vistas of opportunities for the poor of FATA, and it was indeed a moment to recognise commitment of PPAF to stemming the tide of poverty and for this purpose, focusing on one of the most deserving areas of the country, said by the Governor.