PPAGPlanned Parenthood Association of Ghana (est. 1967)
PPAGPublic Policy Advisory Group
PPAGPatiënten Platform Antroposofische Gezondheidszorg (National Patients' Association, Netherlands)
PPAGPueblo Performing Arts Guild (Colorado)
PPAGPortable Protective Air Gap (voltage surge protection)
PPAGPoison Prevention Anticipatory Guidance
PPAGPrimary Paranasal Aspergillus Granuloma (otolaryngology)
PPAGPaw Prints Art Group (eBay group)
PPAGPost-Pill Amenorrhea-Galactorrhea (oral contraceptives)
PPAGPediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group
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With DLAN, the LHINs and their health service providers will be prepared to respond to and recover from any potential planned or unplanned incident during the PPAG.
In this and other studies, rooibos, its infusions and extracts were shown to contain aspalathin, orientin, isoorientin, quercetin-3-O-robinobioside, rutin and PPAG, amongst others (Rabe et al.
PPAG is dedicated to improving medication therapy in children, with their sole purpose being to promote safe and effective medication use in children through communication, education, and research.
The PPAG has established Daddies Clubs to educate members on reproductive and gender issues.
Although the Ministry of Health included Emergency contraception (EC) in its Reproductive Health Service policy and standards since 1996, the PPAG is the only agency that is involved in the promotion of EC in the country.
Other players such as the PPAG have developed strong programmes such as the African Youth Alliance programme of the UNFPA and well functioning youth clinics.
Interestingly, anecdotal reports from PPAG indicate that actual usage of female condoms in Ghana is low.
Of these isoorientin, orientin and PPAG were present at [less than or equal to] 4.
The flavone analogues of nothofagin, vitexin and isovitexin, the flavonol glycosides, rutin, hyperosicle and isoquercitrin, and the phenylpropenoic acid glucoside, PPAG, were present at concentrations lower than 0.
PPAG, also present in SB1, has been shown to increase glucose uptake in 3T3-LI adipocytes and to lower blood glucose levels in prediabetic Vervet monkeys (Fey etal.
3]H]-2-deoxy-D-glucose; CPM, counts per minute; STZ, streptozocin; BW, body weight; OGTT, oral glucose tolerance test; PPAG, phenylpropenoic acid glucoside; DDP-4, dipeptidyl peptidase-4; GLUT4, glucose transporter type 4; AMPK.