PPAIPPersonal Passenger Accident Insurance Program
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Under the PPAIP, 'it is mandatory upon operators of public utility vehicles to procure insurance coverage for their passengers, including the driver,' the Insurance Commission earlier said.
Also under the PPAIP, 'the mandatory insurance provides for accidental death benefits and bodily injury benefits on top of the compulsory third party liability (CTPL) insurance,' according to the Insurance Commission.
The PPAIP constitutes a major magmatic activity zone within the northwestern margin of the Indo-Pakistan plate.
Lizada said the board would work to raise the death benefit to P400,000 under PPAIP, as well as the medical benefits for the injured.
2015-028, which sets guidelines for the PPAIP, will expire in November next year.
Our newly determined age of 280 + 16 Ma confirms the, now increasingly well-established, conclusion that PPAIP igneous activity was Permian in age.
Ppaip of the persons detained of the penitentiary establishments within the competence of the disp paris spip 77 and 78
In all, 392,299 vehicles were insured under the PPAIP last year, Insurance Commission data showed.
Under the PPAIP, PUVs are required to procure insurance coverage for their passengers, including the driver.
Under the PPAIP, the maximum death benefit is P200,000 per passenger but injury benefits depend on the kind of injuries suffered.
The two consortia managed by PAMI and SCCI are accredited under LTFRB's Personal Passenger Accident Insurance Program (PPAIP), which offers insurance policies to public utility vehicle (PUV) operators.
The bidding for the PPAIP accreditation was actually scheduled last week, but was postponed to Oct.