PPAMParallel Processing and Applied Mathematics (conference)
PPAMPromotional Products Association of the Midwest
PPAMPulse Position Amplitude Modulation
PPAMProfessional Photographers Association of Manitoba
PPAMProgramming Parallel Applications for Multi-Cores (Workshop)
PPAMPhotometric Particle Agglutination Method (blood transfusion)
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If the PPAM is settled by the Group Partnerships with newly-issued Group Partnership common units, KKR will issue an equivalent number of its own additional common units to CVI holders in settlement of the CVIs.
If the PPAM is settled by the Group Partnerships with cash, KKR principals will through KKR Holdings contribute cash to the Group Partnerships in an amount equal to the cash settlement price of the CVIs.
The principal organizers in Michigan for the "March for Women's Lives" are PPAM, MARAL Pro-Choice Michigan, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Michigan Conference of the National Organization for Women.
Formed in 1981, PPAM represents Planned Parenthood Federation of America's mission and provides information and education regarding reproductive health care to the public and the statewide media.
CaWhere PPAMs did appear, completion accounts were most popular with earn outs coming a close second.