PPAMParallel Processing and Applied Mathematics (conference)
PPAMPromotional Products Association of the Midwest
PPAMPulse Position Amplitude Modulation
PPAMProfessional Photographers Association of Manitoba
PPAMProgramming Parallel Applications for Multi-Cores (Workshop)
PPAMPhotometric Particle Agglutination Method (blood transfusion)
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Neste estudo, observou-se alta frequencia de consumo de alimentos considerados saudaveis, porem aquem da recomendacao, considerando que o consumo deveria ser de 100% nas criancas maiores de 6 meses e, quanto a introducao precoce, isto e, antes dos 6 meses de idade, da papa salgada/comida de panela, esta ocorreu em quase metade das criancas estudadas, bem similar ao encontrado na PPAM 2009 (21).
CaWhere PPAMs did appear, completion accounts were most popular with earn outs coming a close second.
No PEM e PDM se destacam problemas, objetivos, estrategias e acoes, viabilidades, controle e gestao; no PPAM, programas, projetos, recursos financeiros, parcerias publico-privadas, indicadores e resultados.
[17] Anshul Tyagi and Ranjan Bose, "A new Distance Notion for PPAM Space--time Trellis Codes for UWB MIMO Communications", IEEE Commun.
During the construction phase, Himont will provide PPAM products to the joint venture for market development activities.
Each year, PPAM's annual convention brings together professional and amateur photographers from Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Eighty-four civil servants have been nominated to participate in the five-week Public Policy Analysis and Management (PPAM), and Project Cycle Management (PCM) training programme, intended to improve policy formulation and implementation, and project management techniques.
PPAM chairman Usman Malik said that the government had already been asked to give at least four to five years to the domestic industry before phasing out the negative trade list with India.