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PPAO director David Simpson reports that the service was provided in 45 languages and Rights Advisers assisted and supported clients to make 3,258 applications to the Consent and Capacity Board.
The PPAO also advocated giving Review Boards the power to order that community therapeutic and support services be provided to NCRMD accused.
These are some of the recommendations the PPAO made to committee considering revisions to the Act:
(RPMFI) awarded the Best Public Employment and Services Offices in Central Luzon during their general assembly held at Malolos Resort Club Royale in this city recently, Provincial Public Affairs Office (PPAO) said yesterday.
The principles adopted by the PPAO to guide their advocacy work include affirming patients' right to choose to smoke, consulting with patients in developing smoking policies, applying policies equally and not using access to smoking as a reward or punishment for behaviour, and providing free cessation aids for people who choose to quit.