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PPAPPen Pineapple Apple Pen (Pikotaro song)
PPAPProduction Parts Approval Process
PPAPProportional Positive Airway Pressure (sleep disorders)
PPAPPencils, Panels and Puns (webcomic)
PPAPPhenylpropylaminopentane (drug)
PPAPProduct and Process Approval
PPAPProgram Penjualan Aset Properti (Indonesian: Property Asset Sales Program; Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency)
PPAPProduction Parts Approval Program
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If the supplier is planning any change, a new PPAP must be conducted, otherwise no change should be allowed.
: Cargos throughput two Cambodia's largest shipping facilities, Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (SAP) and Phnom Penh Autonomous Port (PPAP), increased 19 percent and 8 percent, respectively, in the first eight months of this year compared to the same period last year.
Dadas las tesis establecidas por Cendales y Mora (2015a, 2015b), el problema de investigacion propuesto en este trabajo es de naturaleza aplicada, de tal manera que el objetivo es testear empiricamente la teoria propuesta por estos autores, para el periodo 2008-2011, considerando la politica publica de agua potable (PPAP) en la region del Pacifico colombiano.
Compounds manufactured at the pilot plant will match the properties of compounds produced in full-scale production and will meet the rigorous production part approval process (PPAP) testing standards for automotive parts.
Whereas conventional medical device design and development often includes detailed Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) requirements, we knew going into the weekend this would be the antithesis; we would have to move quickly with limited time and resources to put forward a viable solution.
"There, however, is a gray zone where there is improved performance and equivalent price that is easier to sell but still difficult to get entry into the industry, especially with regard to refreshed vehicles, due to PPAP and lab package costs."
SQEP incorporates industry-proven quality tools and system requirements, including ISO certification, supplier parts per million (PPM), on-time production part approval process (PPAP), statistical process control (SPC) on key characteristics, Six Sigma deployment, supplier capacity, and 96 percent on-time delivery to production and service.
Now, with the SOLIDWORKS Inspection application, companies can quickly re-use existing design data and content to create highly accurate inspection reports, such as AS91002 or PPAP forms, helping to accelerate the time to regulatory approval.
"Land is scarce here and these women don't have a lot of coffee, so they were interested in participating in the project and see how the efforts on productivity and quality can help improve their income," said Cathy Pianga, one of the local coordinators in the Eastern Highlands for the World Bank-supported Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP).
* performing "PPAP" or "First Article" inspections on new parts.