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PPAPPen Pineapple Apple Pen (Pikotaro song)
PPAPProduction Parts Approval Process
PPAPProportional Positive Airway Pressure (sleep disorders)
PPAPPencils, Panels and Puns (webcomic)
PPAPPhenylpropylaminopentane (drug)
PPAPProduct and Process Approval
PPAPProgram Penjualan Aset Properti (Indonesian: Property Asset Sales Program; Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency)
PPAPProduction Parts Approval Program
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A PPAP cafe and an animated TV series was even created.
Si durante los periodos 2008-2009, 2009-2010 y 2010-2011 entre un 63% y un 64% de la poblacion del Pacifico colombiano juzga como aceptable la calidad de la PPAP (Tabla 2), entonces por que en un contexto institucional en el cual existe una profunda crisis de representacion politica, dada la depredacion de lo publico en lo local por parte de maquinarias clientelares, esto no induce a una crisis municipal en materia de provision publica de agua potable?
The acronym PPAP means PowerPoint accompanied by Annotations Presentation.
The foundry being an extension to SMI main manufacturing facilities in the second industrial area in Riyadh, introduced the same best practices and modern management systems such as PPAP, Lean, Planned maintenance, Data recording, Controlled process parameters for production, appraisal system and the establishment of a Quality system registered to ISO 9001-2008.
Automotive qualification includes testing in extreme temperature ranges, PPAP approval for critical components, and run at rate for manufacturing process qualification.
PPAP completion and mass production are scheduled to be ready by the end of Q2 2009.
Leading FPGA manufacturers also have the necessary certifications and qualifications like ISO/TS16949, Automotive Electronics Council AEC-Q100 qualification testing, PPAP documentation and extended temperature range to meet the stringent quality requirements of the automotive market.
The high PPAP indicates that banks are too conservative in facing credit risks and at the same time banks are less confident on the quality and prospects of their credits.
Jim Stegmaier RRT -- PPAP versus CPAP -- Are They Equivalent?
Excluyendo del analisis los descriptores morfologicos AIR, PPAP, NE, LMR, DMR, PPRP, RRC y RRNC, asociados a caracteres poligenicos que teoricamente tienen baja heredabilidad y son influenciados por el medio ambiente, la tasa de error general de clasificacion se incrementa a 61.
When all the machines are finished, Lindgren will perform PPAP trials and produce "first article" parts from each line.
Projects follow strict AQP, PPAP, FMEA and control plan principles all operating as live working documents.