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PPAPPhenylpropylaminopentane (drug)
PPAPProduct and Process Approval
PPAPProgram Penjualan Aset Properti (Indonesian: Property Asset Sales Program; Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency)
PPAPProduction Parts Approval Program
PPAPProduction Parts Approval Process
PPAPProportional Positive Airway Pressure (sleep disorders)
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Bottom line: Setpoints are machine parameters and actual temperatures are the plastic parameters that need to be duplicated or used for PPAP etc.
In long term bank credit risks in the third quarter of 2003 was still high not much different from the condition in the previous quarter as reflected by (i) insubstantial decline in gross NPL ratio from the previous quarter, and (ii) improvement in net NPL ratio because of the excessive forming of PPAP that indicates high perception of banks for credit risks.
In addition, PPAP provides institutional support to the Cocoa Board and Coffee Industry Corporation to improve coordination of the industries and the sustainability of the project.
This helps Prism quickly determine if a part is "the same" as it was at initial PPAP.
In light of their challenging structures and promising biological activities, the synthetic chemistry community has shown significant attention to the PPAP family.
Quality Professionals pages highlight Origin's solutions for Dimensional Measurement, Interoperability, Reporting, Advanced GD&T, PPAP and First Article.
Additional Quality Services available: PPAP, FMEA, Process Flow Charts, Control Plans, DOE, Gauge R&R (Repeatability & Reproducibility)
The company's new department will utilize in-stock machinery to run and optimize molds and sample PPAP runs.
5 trillion or 10 times larger than assets sold under the PPAP I under which sales were valued only at Rp 503 billion with 1,700 units.
Our homecare readers will enjoy the articles written by Jim Stegmaier RRT, dealing with PPAP versus CPAP which begins on page 18, and Kathy Wyka's article on Cultural Diversity which begins on page 52.
A table of key points and their dimensions are included in the PPAP plan.
Additionally, materials, facilities, and processes applied on the LE920 also comply with Production Part Approval Process or PPAP, a full traceability framework standard adopted by the automotive industry which among other things allows defective parts to be traced back in its full genealogy up the supply chain.