PPAQPregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire
PPAQPost Processor for Air Quality (software)
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On the 1st day of data collection, pre-test was performed using PPAQ and DASS21, after collecting the demographic data.
The mean score of the PPAQ in the control group was 65.40, 66.50, and 65.40 in the pre-test, post-test I, and post-test II, respectively, and the difference in the mean scores was not statistically significant.
Firstly, although PPAQ is validated in other countries, it has not been validated in Pakistan.
The modified PPAQ differed from the original PPAQ in several ways.
(20) compared MKPAS and PPAQ results, Aittasalo et al.
Furthermore, approximately 28% of their sample did not wear the actigraph immediately after completing the PPAQ which is a concern as it is well established that activity levels decrease over pregnancy.
Koski, "Use of the pregnancy physical activity questionnaire (PPAQ) to identify behaviours associated with appropriate gestational weight gain during pregnancy," Journal of Physical Activity and Health.
Second, as it is suspected that women who are regularly physically active may have better comprehension of PA intensity and duration and thus may be more accurate in reporting PA, we aim to determine if there are any differences in the accuracy of the PPAQ in women who meet PA guidelines during pregnancy compared to those who do not meet PA guidelines.
Prior to the actual data collection, the PPAQ was translated into Yoruba language using standard procedures.
All 81 (second trimester: n=40, third trimester: n=41) consented to participate and completed the PPAQ. Seventy-four (91%) participated in telephone dietary recalls and 61 (75%) completed pedometer logbooks.
The resulting 48-item provider self-report measure, the Primary Care Behavioral Health Provider Adherence Questionnaire (PPAQ), was later evaluated and found to have sound psychometric properties (Beehler, Funderburk, Possemato, & Dollar, 2013).