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PPARPeroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor
PPARPhysical Partitions
PPARPikes Peak Association of Realtors (Colorado Springs, CO)
PPARPaw Prints Animal Rescue (Garner, NC)
PPARPharmaceutical Process Analytics Roundtable
PPARPeripheral Pulse Amplitude Response (physiology)
PPARPhenomenon of Predominant Activation of Relaxation
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However, its expression as measured by mRNA levels is elevated in AD patients, suggesting that PPAR may play a crucial role in modulating the pathology of AD [94].
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Considering the relevance of CD36 receptor to metabolism and accumulation of lipids in macrophages and previous reports demonstrating that this receptor is under transcriptional control of PPAR family [27], we evaluated the participation of PPAR-[gamma] and PPAR-[beta]/[delta] in the upregulation of CD36 expression induced by MT-III.
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In whole thiazolidinediones possess a large structure which enables them to bind to the polar as well as the big hydrophobic binding pockets of the ligand binding domain of PPAR. The linker (L1) between the central phenyl ring and the thiazolidinedione is at its best if it has one carbon atom.
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Moreover, MDA (malondialdehyde) level, catalase activity, levels of insulin and PPAR)' mRNA expression were also measured in pancreatic tissue.