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PPARCParticle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (UK)
PPARCPopulation, Policy and Aging Research Center (Duke University; Durham, NC)
PPARCPakistan Public Administration Research Centre
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(PPARC) Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre (2003), Thirteenth Census of Federal Government Civil Servants.
(PPARC) Pakistan Public Administration Research Centre (2006), Bulletin of employees of Autonomous/Semi-autonomous bodies/Corporations under the Federal Government, Establishment Division, Islamabad.
PPARC offers a free-of-charge, short-term loan system of the lunar samples to educational and scientific organisations within the United Kingdom.: MOONS AND METEORITES:The first European mission to the moon launched in September 2003 and arrived at its destination in November 2004.
They come from a variety of places and PPARC's collection includes samples from the main asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.
To reassure the nervous Britons, PPARC officials have stated that they have no plans to change Jodrell Bank's funding for the next five years.
In addition, the Merlin radio-telescope facility, an array of seven highresolution radio-imaging telescopes sited throughout the UK, is to be upgraded, said PPARC.
Professor Ian Halliday, chief executive of PPARC, said, "The United Kingdom already participates in Europe's flagship particle physics and space science research programmes through membership of Cern and the European Space Agency.
The pounds 7m funding, which comes from the ParticlePhysics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC),forms part of an overall pounds 21m investment in research and development to create the next generation of these machines.
Why Sell To CERN?, a free half-day seminar, is being held at the Edgbaston headquarters of BCI on January 23 in association with PPARC and Trade Partners UK.
The research will mean that Prof Bode will be able to keep a watch on any incoming asteroids or violent explosions, known as Gamma Ray Bursters (GRBs) Given by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC), it will enable Professor Bode to concentrate on a research programme that will exploit the science made available by the Liverpool Telescope.
Information supplied by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC).
The MERLIN radio telescope is to be given an pounds 8m upgrade after the Government's funding body, the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC), announced a major investment package.