PPATPlanned Parenthood Association of Thailand
PPATPantetheine Phosphate Adenylyltransferase
PPATPerson Picking an Apple from a Tree (art therapy assessment)
PPATPublic Policy Action Team (National Corn Growers Association)
PPATPerformance Profit After Tax (finance)
PPATPilot Production Acceptance Testing
PPATPer Pixel Alpha Transparency (display technology)
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One student data collector administered three trials of the PPAT while the other two student data collectors were seated on either side of the administrator.
The ICC were examined for the seven raters of the PPAT for the average of three trials for each participant.
Figure 1 shows the comparison of male and female means for the PPAT, and Figures 2 and 3 show the mean scores of the PPAT for 5-year age categories.
This is the first study that administered the PPAT in isolation of the other three subtests of the PPT.
Tiffin and Asher (1948) focused their norms on specific categories of workers who needed to use finger dexterity in their specific job categories, but the researchers for this study felt that more general norms for just the one complex task (PPAT) could be more useful for OTs for comparisons when finger dexterity is needed.
This is the first step in establishing the PPAT as an evidence-based assessment that OTs can use when a brief clinical assessment is needed to determine limitations or potential for completing finger dexterity tasks.